Connection of Fear with the organ Kidneys.

Healing of the body trough transformation of negative emotions, organ massage and the latest insights about nutricions.


The emotion Fear is related to the kidneys and blocks the person from moving on. Fear is the secret enemy that controls people despite age or profession. It makes us nervous, gives worries, frustrations and makes us cowards.


What to do if you are controlled by fear?

We aren’t aware of most of our fears. They are, however, always present. And they have a major impact on our daily lives.


In these two days you will look at your fears, and learn to face them with simple and accessable methods provided.


Donation for 2 days €195 (excl. VAT) €235 (incl. VAT)

(If you own your own buisiness you can deduct the VAT)


Wednesday September 23 and thursday September 24, 2015 from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs. Biological lunch and coffee/thee are included.


Tea is being served from 9:30hr

It is possible to stay the night in Villa533.