Four wolves



The purpose of the ritual is the generation of a powerful creative energy and a strong energetic protection field.


The White Wolf:

He takes you to Ulgen, Siberian god of the future. Ulgen teaches you to create new things, allows you to let it be, really want to become what the future will bring, awareness and to prepare yourself for that future.


The Gray Wolf:

Will lead you to the goddess Umai, the protector of the earth. She is the protector of all, that is connected with the earth, for example: family, animals, home, work and yourself.


The Reddish Brown Wolf:

He takes you to the god Erlik, the guardian of the world of the past and of transformation. In the world of the past, you will be able to let go of things like thoughts, feelings and illnesses, which you do not want anymore. Erlik will also help you to awaken and to get access to ancient knowledge and lost energy


The Black Wolf:

Brings you to the god Tengri. Tengri brings spiritual power.