Altai Shamanic Healing Education.


Healing the ancestors and bones




7 Weekends program:


Inner peace and quietness of mind arise when internal organs are relaxed and are in their original quality. Healing of internal organs is achieved by a gentle massage of the organs. This improves circulation and creates a good base of health and well-being.


For centuries and across all cultures it is known, that the belly button is the center of the body. In Russian language, the root of the word 'life' is the same than that of 'belly'. Massage of the navel area, source of vitality, creates an improved blood flow for more life energy (chi). In your belly all is processed: thoughts, emotions, food. Every organ has its own character, function and emotion. Incongested organs are often the cause of tension in other parts of the body. With body massage joints and muscles regain their original suppleness. Stress dissolves in the entire body.


The Russian healing method from the Altai Mountains is working with soft pressure. The Taoistic way to heal the internal organs is with almost inaudible sounds. This resonance is relaxing physically and emotionally. The body massage is effective to treat e.g. digestive problems, migraines, autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, fatigue, depression, trauma and detoxification treatments.


This education provides you with a strong basis for physical health, emotional balance and spiritual growth, in particular with massage, but also with easy stretches, Taoistic meditation, shamanic journeys and thorough knowledge of the organs. Tension and pain can trace to the appropriate overloaded organ. You master in effective treatment methods for healing of internal organs and the congested parts of the body.

If you are interested in offering professional body massages programs after this year, we'd like to escort you. On Saturday, with an additional program, participation in exercise group with fellow students, regular updates.


Healing of the internal organs.


Massaging the abdominal improves the blood flow through the organs.


This gives a deep relaxation, brings you closer to yoursel fand improves your overall welfare.


Thisyear training is appropriateforeveryone.


Effectivefordigestionproblems, scartissue, IBS andweariness, amongotherthings.


Supports detoxificationcures.


For peoplethatwishto feel comfortablewithintheirown skin.


For  masseurs whorecognize the importance of abdominal massage.


For healers, shamans or body orientedtherapists.


For peoplewhowishtolearn more aboutappliedSiberianshamanismfrom the Russian teacher, Ahamkara.


For peoplewhowishtodeepentheirknowledgeabout the Healing Tao, under the guidance of Dirkje Veltman.





A ,by the CRKBO acknowledged,higherproffesionaleducation combines techniquesfrom the Healing Tao and the Russian traditionto massage the internalorgans. Part of the program is skin detoxification, healing hands, transforming stress into harmony and


co-operating organs.


In the full program you are guidedtointergratewhatyoulearnedintoyourownoffice.


Whenyou are suffiencientlyskilledyouwillrecieve a certificate.



A reader with information about the covered curriculum is included.


Ifpossible a demo movie.




Ifinterested,youcan contact Ahamkara or Dirkje.



Dirkje Veltman;