Altai Shamanic Healing Education.


Healing the ancestors and bones

Healing the ancestors and bones


Ahamkaraand Dirkje Veltman



Chargingbonesgrantsinternalstructure, strenghtandsuppleness. A clean skeleton is a beautiful instrument fordeepgroundingandresonancewith the sublte, etherealand spiritual world. Tuningitto the essential.




BoneMarrowNei Kung is an important aspect of the Healing Tao whenitcomestorejuvenation. Byconciously ‘breathing’ energy into the bones, yourecoveryouryouthfulblood flow. Red andwhitebloodcells are created in the heart of yourbones. The rejuvenation of boneswillthusbetter the quality of the blood in the body. Simultaniously, itcleanses the bloodline.




Healing the Ancestors is in the tradition of the SiberianShamanismsubstantialfor the fulfillment of yourown life. We are connectedtoourownenergeticroots in the same way a tree’sroots take care of nutritionand anchoring.Ouranchestors have passed on life. Their blueprint isan important factor concerningourown welfare. With strong andhealthyroots, youwillthrive without effort.




Ahamkara, living in the Altai, has been educatedandinitiatedby the SiberianshamanArzjana.


Dirkje Veltman has recieved her educationfrom GM MantakChia.


The two trainers andtraditions complement eachother.





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