Fear is the largest blockage in life. 

Fear is a secret enemy, which takes possession of people regardless of age and


It makes us nervous, anxious, frustrated, scared and cowardly.

Undesirable and unwanted feelings!

Where we are most afraid of? Pain, death, shame, loneliness, loss of loved ones? 

What should you do if you live in the grip of fear?

And more importantly, how free you think? Most of our fears, we are not even aware of.

Yet they exist, and they influence us in daily life during the workshop you will look at your

fears and learn to deal with your fears using simple and accessible techniques

In this workshop you will learn how to free yourself from anxiety, major and minor key. In different rituals you on a journey into the world of Erlik, spirit of the underworld. Here you will face your fears and then sacrifice them to Erlik. 

You learn:

- how to open yourself and you trust the world, without fear 
- how to understand anxiety structures 
- how to study the mechanisms of anxiety present 
- how to search for the roots of the present fear 
- how to work with the fear of death 
- about The impact of fear on your energy body
- how to create inner courage and self-confidence 
- how to deal with negative beliefs and create a positive image of yourself 
- about the transformation from fear to love yourself and the world around you
- how to strengthen your nervous system through simple exercises