Spiritual Management of your life
All of us encounter problems with control. To control, or to be controlled (by or through the government, family, corporations, or creative projects etc.) To become aware of the proces is the first step.

Ahamkara will teach us how we can manage our life by learning 7 main principles:

1.What is the message of the Great spirit of this proces?

2.Experience how your level of spiritual development influences the control. (government, family, corporate, hobbies etc.)

3.What is the damage on the psyche of people.

4.What is the impact of management.

5.Structural and non-structural control methods.

6.Prediction as a way of governance.

7.Three directions of control.

e awareness of these 7 principles will help us in our personal life with our family, relations and in all our projects both private and business.

Our life will become easier and we will feel the flow in our lives.

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October, 10.00-17.00 hr


 Donation 235.- euro including 21% tax and biologic lunch on both days. It is possible to stay at Villa 533 on the basis of donation.