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The Siberian stone oracle is an ancient method of Siberian shamans to find answers to many questions. It is a method to get information from the world of spirit's on past, present and future. Questions can be asked about anything, about health, relationships, development, money, friendship, to give examples. Asking the Siberian stone oracle is also a way to gain insight into the spiritual of the soul.  So you can ask advice to prepare for the future or to allow experiences from the past to vanish.


The stone oracle has been used for thousands of years by Siberian shamans. It is a very established and proved instrument. There are 12 stones, each of them related to a certain topic in life, e.g. Relationships or health. These stones will be thrown on a special board, the shamanic map, which is the Siberian medicine wheel. The messages of the stone is derived from the connection of its meaning and the place where it is falling down in the medicine wheel. With some advice and training already by intuition you will be able to understand the message of the stones.


During the workshop you will make connection to each of these stones and each of the life topics the stone carries will be discussed. You will get information about the shamanic map, the different worlds of the Siberian shamanism and acquire knowledge and insight in the lower, middle, upper world and the cosmos. With support and advice you will practice to use the stone oracle, thus training your intuition and increasing your knowledge and insights about your main questions in life.




Reawaken Your Spirituality


Over time, you may become jaded by material possessions and your spirituality may be a thing of the past. Healing the mind, body and soul requires a deep spiritual connection and the breaking down of barriers between yourself and the natural world. How do you begin to reawaken your spiritual side? You can:


Relieve your connection to material possessions


Become a minimalist


Get in touch with your emotions


Set reasonable life goals


Travel to gain appreciation for the natural world


Become more active


Focus on the self


Connecting with the natural world can bring about healing for the soul, as well as the body, and can benefit your mental health in the long term. This can also have a positive impact on your relationships when it comes to your family and professional life. Have a look at some of the ways which can help you reawaken your spirituality.