Shaman Ahamkara
Siberian shaman & teacher
25 years experience, 600+ students
I've prepared for you a gift - ritual Mother Animal. This is a very important ritual, because it reveals new information to us.

And you can go though the rutual to connecting with your mother animal right now. Your experience dosen't matter. You can do this

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Feeling of support, guidance, and protection. The mother animal is a reliable and wise guide in the spiritual world, helping individuals feel safer and more confident.

Some words about me and my shamanic path

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About Mother animal
Mother animal is considered the “doppelganger” of a human, existing in the form of an animal such as a moose, deer, bear, or other animals.
Mother animal comes during the birth and upbringing of the shaman's soul, and later only appears again upon his death.

Why do we need to connect with our mother animal?
Through sounds, fasting, meditations, or the use of plants and specific rituals, a shaman establishes contact with his mother animal. This contact can be temporary or permanent, and the shaman can turn to his mother animal for help and strength.
Do you want to contact with your mother animal?
I’m shaman Ahamkara and I invite you to walk the path with me ✨