What is energy? Who are energetic people? Simply put, energy is the desire and ability to do something. A more complete definition: energy is an information flow of harmonious existence and development. How to preserve and multiply energy? There are 12 natural laws, rules that show the sources of energy loss.
1. You need to do something - you do it.
What is the point of doing anything that does not bring the slightest benefit for you? The result of our activity should be at least gratitude or self-esteem. Energy is always a reward to us for something. If others dump their worries on us, we will never get the proper pleasure from doing their work, and we will never be inspired to do new work.

2. You are not asked - stay out of it.
Often we are guided by good intentions trying to influence the choices of other people, their thinking and actions. As you should expect, most often in response we do not receive any gratitude, but just condemnation. It is not possible to learn from other people's mistakes, everyone walks the path in their own way.

3. Do not promise . If you promise, fulfill it.
Do we become freer and richer if we give out promises? And if we don't keep our promises does it only diminish our reputation in someone else's eyes? But also our own?

4. Do not refuse a request.
When we are asked, there is an implied gratitude for performing some kind of service. This gratitude helps us feel our own worth, which serves as an internal source of self-esteem energy for us. (just don't confuse it with APPRECIATION - that's a different issue).

5. Don't pass on information until you've made it your own.
Be careful when revealing your goals and intentions to others. Their sometimes ridiculous comments or down-to-earth reasoning can clip your wings and your goals will lose their former significance.
You shouldn't advise others what you haven't tried out on yourself yet. If your word is always based on your experience people will appreciate it.

6. Don't get attached.
It is obvious that when we get attached to one thing, we stunt our development. If we tread on one place, we don't get new energy.

7. Don't set a goal (A goal should serve as a beacon).
A goal is not something to crash into, a goal is a direction of activity. If you see goals as some kind of end point, you may experience devastation when you reach them.
The best goals are endless goals, for example, the goal of self-development.

8. Live in the present (happy), not in the past or future.
The energy given today should be channeled into today. The best we can do with the past and future can always be done only now.

9. Don't judge, don't criticize.
The habit of criticizing is a sign of our own low self-esteem. By criticizing others we cause negative feedback from them.

10. Nature has no bad weather.
If we learn to see failed endeavors as another proven unsuitable option, but not the last possible option, and in difficult circumstances as a medium for personal development, we will not simply waste energy on lamenting, but will move forward.

11. Don't get in the way.
Speak when you are ready to be listened to. Do not impose yourself on people. If you do, you will always get zero positive results for yourself, and you will also waste energy.

12. Always and everywhere ask for permission.
Show respect for other people's property, intellectual and physical. Otherwise, prepare to expend energy on excuses.
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