An exercise for dream fulfillment and relaxation
My interview at the Shamans Directory Summit — "GATHERING AT THE COSMIC FIRE"
6 new mini courses are already available
Lean to Play Mouth Harp (Jaws Harp). Make nice sound andconnect high vibrations
Erlik the great Spirit of the Underworld, Spirit of transformation, brings problems and suffering.
Shamanic prayer helps to heal yourself and heal people. When best to Pray
How to get through hard times?
Germaine Shaman-Healer from Netherlands
dentist will never tell
13. Healing meditation
How to become the Shaman?!
Fear and Anxiety, how to transform and free yourself from strong fears
Free Shamanic healing in the distance. Feel the healing energy.
Big Spirit Umai, Mother Earth. How to find contact? What gives Umai people.
Where does a Spirit of the Shamanic Drum live? How to play a Shaman Drum
How to find and determine your destiny. Four Levels of energy.
Ritual How to Bless your new Shamanic Drum, for Shamanistic Journeys, Healing and Purification
Our Attention is a source of Tremendous Energy. Use attention for healing.
Why Shamanic Disease appear? What to do if you getting Sick
Ideas of Anastasia from Siberia. Family Land. Soon will be video together with Herbal Shaman
Travel to Altai (Siberia) 2019. Karakol Lakes and Belukha Mountain with Shaman Fox Arrow Ahamkara
Tips of Anastasia from the books of Vladimir Megre. How to be in harmony with nature?
How in Siberian Shamanism we see time, a symbol of the river of time
Tinnitus (beep tone) can be cured. Why appears?
Why do we need Shamans? Spirits initiate a Shaman
Spirits in Shamanism. Who are they? Why we need to contact with Spirits?
Why Shaman need Trans? | Types of Trance
One of the Best Medicine: Siberian Cedar Oil (Pínus sibírica)
Interview with Ilja my neighbor in our village "Anastasia"
How we built Retreat Center "Zhivo". We thank everyone who helped us
How to make tasty and healthy herbal tea from Fireweed?
We Living at Wolf Time
Crow Totem | Shamanic vision
Great Qualities of the Bear Totem
How to approach Spirit - Siberian Shamanism with Ahamkara
18 January Year Education "Shaman-Healer"
Reflex zones of internal organs
Overcoming obstacles
12. If you want to live longer
13. Healing meditation
dentist will never tell
5 lessons + "Mother Animal" ritual
Education — one year programm