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Siberian shaman

I am living in Siberia, and my goal is to bring healing to the people
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about ahamkara

My name is Ahamkara.
I am Altai shaman, creator of the school of shamanism.
I engaged in shamanism for over 20 years. My knowledge has been directly acquired from Siberian indigenous peoples of Siberia, hereditary shamans.

I live in Russia with my family, my wife and two children. My summers are spent in Zhivo, a center in the Siberian forest, where I carry out my teaching and healing. In winter I travel offering seminars in various countries in Europe.

For the past 16 years I have been offering a variety of teaching programs to individuals and groups, regularly conducts trainings in Europe.

All my classes are aimed at improving health, personal development and finding one’s path. More than 600 people have been trained in the school of shamanism.

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