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Have you ever had a recurring image of a specific animal in your dreams? Did it communicate something to you in a special way, perhaps talking to you or accompanying you in your dream? It could be one of your animal helpers trying to reach out to you at the direction of your spirit.

Not only shamans have guardian spirits, but also ordinary people. They come to help a person in a dangerous situation.
Shamans have long felt that the power of the guardian spirit increases a person's physical energy and his resistance to disease (harmful energy). It also gives him inner strength and self-confidence.

The search for one's path is what compels a person to delve into ancient sciences, to try on the costumes of different peoples of the world. The best way to begin acquainting oneself with the Spirit World is by finding a patron who will guide and protect in both worlds. This guider can be either a person or a spirit.

Shamanic attire with all its additions is a microcosm, a mystical <code> that can only be understood in the context of shamanic worldview. Therefore, the process of putting it on becomes a sacred act, helping the shaman transcend the mundane space and enter the sacred realm where communication with spirits is possible.

From astrology or other sources, you may know that there are five elements: fire, earth, air, water, and Spirit.
All living beings and natural phenomena on Earth are combinations and interactions of these Five Elements. They influence each other and are connected by consistent relationships. All movements and changes in the Universe, manifested in events, people, and objects, are also influenced by them.

The typology of shamanism is influenced by how knowledge is transmitted and what the actions of the shaman are directed towards. Depending on the customs of shamanism, the types have slightly changed over time.

Creating your own shamanic ritual is an individual process that should reflect your values, beliefs, and needs. Here are a few steps that will help you create your own ritual.

Any form of violence (sexual, physical or emotional) can lead to the loss of a part of the soul. This can happen as a result of various circumstances, such as accidents, participation in war, terrorist acts, natural disasters, operations, drug addiction, divorce or the death of a loved one – any event that causes shock.

Bread, milk, honey and sweets are the traditional type of offerings to the spirits. Milk symbolizes purity of thoughts.
However, if you want your offering to be accepted and your requests to be heard, try to find out the preferences of a particular spirit...

A shaman is often called a "seer", a "knower", since he is part of a cognitive system that is based on direct experience. It is the figure of the shaman who is able to demonstrate the transformation of self-consciousness, as he acts in the modern world as a social figure as an intermediary between the social world of our reality and the world of spirits.

If we take a closer look at the world religions, we will notice a lot in common with shamanism: The Lower and Upper worlds, represented in the form of Hell and Paradise, prayers to deities by analogy with communication with spirits, trance states in meditations and astral soul journeys...
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