Finding and Embracing Your Animal Totem

The search for one's path is what compels a person to delve into ancient sciences, to try on the costumes of different peoples of the world. The best way to begin acquainting oneself with the Spirit World is by finding a guider who will protect in both worlds. This guider can be either a person or a spirit.
the bear totem
If your teacher is made of flesh and blood, he will start your education by teaching you endless rules and norms of behavior. However, he will grant you access to other knowledge and practices not after successful memorization of his lectures, but after seeing that you've learned how to instinctively navigate the new world.

The spirit guider will communicate with you on an instinctual level. Associations that arise in your consciousness, visions - in other words, a suitable means of communication with you will be found.

We are brought together with a human mentor only by a fateful coincidence that many await for years. It is different with Spirits - you can always turn to them for help. And if you truly need it, you will not encounter any difficulties. Therefore, first of all, realize the depth of your desire.

You can both become aware of and summon a spirit guider (animal totem). Calling a totem is an independent choice. That is, your consciousness chooses: you study horoscopes, characteristics of totems, analyze and select the one that is closer to you. On the other hand, awareness happens at the subconscious level: you immerse yourself in a dream, in which a guider comes to you.

Summoned and aware totems do not always coincide. An aware totem is often associated with a family spirit and, therefore, becomes your true totem. Trying to determine this logically is not always a successful endeavor, so by making a mistake (for example, often people prefer an animal that, for unknown reasons, seems elevated above the others), you can greatly harm yourself. Why? Because, as a rule, a person is not compatible with every totem. There may be rejection - if everything suits you, the Spirit may actively resist and instead of protecting you, take on the opposite task.

Sometimes, if you summon an unsuitable totem, the Spirit may not react at all. Do not be upset about this - on the contrary, be happy that your mistake did not have negative consequences.

Merging with the animal totem helps a person better understand himself. The spirit guider is always ready to indicate the right direction, offer ideas, support your strengths. But do not think that they'll be tolerant of your mistakes - your spiritual parent will evaluate you fairly based on your merits.

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