The causes of negative energy in an apartment and how to get rid of it

Firstly, we do not always come home “on the positive”: we bring with us discouragement, anger, resentment, quarrel with our loved ones because of this.
This all affects the egregor (energy-informational structure created by emotions and thoughts, which affects the state of a person) of the dwelling. Each object absorbs the energy of the owner.

Secondly, you should not exclude extraneous influence - someone may wish you not the best life in his heart.

Thirdly, the energy of the apartment building also matters. If the neighbors are all bad, then the shadow of their ill-being can lie on your home.
Shaman fumigates a room

How to nullify the energy of an apartment

The most important thing is that you should not be afraid to come into contact with negative energy, otherwise you will attract it even more.
In order to be calmer, do not do the purification alone. Carry out cleansing with a good mood and confidence in a bright future. After all, the energy of an owner is transferred to each object in an apartment.

1. Start with yourself.

Be sure to take a bath with sea salt. It absorbs bad thoughts and cleanses from the evil eye. Close your eyes, relax and sincerely address the space: “I forgive and renew”. After that the effect will not make you wait. You will feel lightness on the soul and warmth.

2. Preparation.

Put on comfortable clothes of neutral color. Open all the windows and the front door. In general, create a good draft for at least ten minutes. Visualize all the anxiety going away with it.

3. Cleansing.

Get rid of old things. After all, what lies idle for more than a year, accumulates negativity. Conduct a revision of electronic equipment. Throw away what can not be repaired. Recycle newspapers and magazines. Check out all the dishes. If you notice any chips or cracks, throw them away. Wipe mirrors with a white cloth in a clockwise direction - as many times as the age of the mirror. If you're not up to date, make thirteen circles. Form the habit of not putting off washing dishes. It is written in the Vedas that if a mountain of dirty plates or any garbage is accumulated, the egregor of the apartment starts to get sick.

How to control energy

Don't be lazy to create a cozy atmosphere and light candles in the evenings. Fire can deal with any negativity.

Select pleasant aromatic oils. They will help to restore the aura of the apartment and have a beneficial effect on your condition.

Washing the floors
Add decoctions of wormwood or pine and essential oils to the water.

Hang bells. Their ringing will scare away negative entities and maintain high vibrations.
What energy can not be cleansed
Before you live in an apartment (rent or buy), ask the owners what happened in it. No matter how much you like the nest, do not agree to sign a contract if something bad happened there. In time, the euphoria will pass and the terrible everyday life will begin (literally): knocking, rustling, voices, etc. It happens that a part of a person's soul remains where he or she left this world. No matter how much you clean the house, this place will attract it like a magnet again and again.
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