Badger totem
Badger is a large member of the marten family. If it turned out to be your totem, also study the qualities of a marten. In the coloring of the badger combines gray, black and yellowish-brown colors, from the nose to the back of the head stretches a white stripe. All this means that a badger holds the light and wisdom of many other living creatures.

Badger is an excellent burrower. Working nimbly with its paws, it is able to burrow under the ground very quickly - even faster than a mole. Therefore, it is symbolically connected with all the spirits of the earth. It also links the badger with the ability to penetrate the inner essence of people and situations.

Badger is active during the day and at night. He is a predator and feeds mainly on rodents: rabbits, mice, squirrels and various animals that live underground. It destroys many rodent pests. In its burrow, a badger often stores the meat of animals. That is why, in mystical terms, he is considered the keeper of the wisdom of other living beings.

Badgers are highly self-sufficient and independent. Badger as a totem animal will teach you to rely only on yourself. Badger keeps the secrets of the underworld. He knows everything about minerals and roots, herbs and other plants. Therefore, healing abilities are associated with it. A healer working with badger magic is sometimes quite aggressive, but his techniques are usually effective. Badger can give you ancient knowledge about the roots of plants and their mystical and healing properties.
A badger symbolizes inner strength and the ability to overcome difficulties. Don't be afraid to face challenges and go forward, even if the path seems difficult and unclear.
In the future you will face various obstacles on your life path, but thanks to your strength and resilience you will be able to overcome any difficulties and achieve your goals. Your persistence will help you overcome any obstacles and succeed in all endeavors.

However, you should also remember the importance of taking care of yourself and your health. Due to your independence and self-reliance, you can sometimes overlook your own needs and forget about the importance of self-development and personal growth.

In personal relationships, you should emphasize communication and the ability to express your feelings and emotions. You have strong feelings and passions, and it is important to learn to control your emotions and find a balance between your strength and sensuality.

Be ready for change and adapt to new circumstances like a badger adapts to its surroundings.