The main qualities of the bear are:

1. Connection with Mother Earth. It gives you a lot of grounding, confidence, and presence here and now.

2. Safety and protection. If you have some fears, it will be good for you to connect with Mother Bear to feel safer and more protected. It also provides protection for your space, house, land, and family.

3. Intuition. It will help you awaken your intuitive abilities.

4. Quick results. Bears have a lot of energy and go straight to the point. A bear totem will help you to go straight and fast towards your goals.

5. Following sleep. Bears have the ability to sleep at night and all winter. Spring is a special time for bears, a new beginning! Bears are very connected with Umai and Tengri.
The bear is a symbol of strength, power, and protection. It promises that in the near future, you will face situations that will require perseverance and determination from you. The bear also symbolizes renewal and rebirth.

This may mean that you will encounter new challenges or opportunities that require special effort and adaptation to new circumstances. Be prepared to change your mindset and approach problems with confidence and resolve.

The bear also brings a message about the need for balance between work and rest. It reminds you that despite all the stress and the desire to achieve goals, you must make time for self-care and replenishing your energy. Therefore, pay attention to your needs and strive for harmony in your life.

The bear can also symbolize the strength and support of family or community. It hints at the need for support and understanding from the people close to you. Perhaps in the near future, you will find strength in family bonds or find support in the community.

In short, the bear foretells that you are about to enter a challenging but important time, where you will overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Be confident in your abilities, balance work and rest, and seek support from your loved ones and community. Then, you will be able to succeed and achieve success in your aspirations.