How to become a shaman: Who can choose this path

More and more people are becoming interested in shamanism and even want to know how to become a shaman. Shamanism, often referred to as the oldest religion in the world, is based on spiritual discovery, powerful healing and self-realization.
Shamanism can give meaning to circumstances that other religions sometimes struggle to explain away. It can heal long-standing emotional and even physical traumas. And, strange as it may sound, it can reveal the past, present, and future.

Who can choose the life path of a shaman?

The path of shamanism is open to anyone interested in spiritual matters. But some other qualities are needed: open-mindedness, humility and lack of pride, willingness to learn, generosity and the ability to recognize that sometimes you may be wrong. Perseverance, courage, enthusiasm, meditation skills and altruism will also come in handy.

Undoubtedly, some people seem predestined or born to become shamans, while others are drawn to this path after a life-changing experience that gives them a better understanding of how the universe works.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is to say that anyone can take the path of a shaman, but only a few have the skills, abilities and calling to become a practicing shaman.

Learning shamanism has many benefits simply for your own spiritual development: it can bring contentment, peace, meaning and fulfillment to your life.

How to become a shaman?

There are many ways to become a shaman; by reading books, watching videos, learning from a practicing shaman, etc.
The main paradox behind shamanism is that it is a very personal, inner journey that you can only go on alone. However, this journey is more interesting if you walk the same path with like-minded people and consult with experienced practitioners.

What kind of shamanic empowerment can you receive?

During your training you will learn about the upper world, the lower world and the many other spiritual dimensions that exist above, below and beyond what most people know. You will also become familiar with all the different entities and beings in the spiritual world.

There are many subjects and subject areas to cover. It is rare to find a shaman who is an expert in all of these areas, but usually you will gravitate toward one or two areas that are right for you.

Shamanic healing, rituals and ceremonies, meditation and breathing techniques, dream interpretation, soul retrieval. These skills are just the beginning. As you become more confident and knowledgeable, you can explore deeper areas such as time travel, regression to past lives, and the return of souls from the underworld.

How do you find a reliable teacher?

It may seem strange, but often your shamanic teacher finds you. A quirk of fate, happy coincidence, or luck may naturally lead you to a teacher who is right for you. As with all aspects of shamanism, you should be guided by your intuition when searching for a teacher.

The right teacher is one of the most important elements of shamanism, so it is important to choose one who is right for you and your needs. It's really important to be guided by your intuition and instincts here: if it feels like "something is wrong", it usually is.

Of course, the Internet is another great source of information, but I think it should be a means to an end. In my experience, it's the people who ultimately guide and help you, not the electronic search. Use the internet to guide you on your path, but also don't miss the opportunity to experience the real world as well.

Shamanism is very much concerned with the spirit world - and much of your guidance and inspiration will come from there - but it's also about the people around you. Human interaction is a fundamental part of shamanism, where you learn from and help others.
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