This totem has great power, especially for people who enjoy taking action and moving forward without dwelling on problems or discomfort. They seek support and should use this totem.

A wild boar is beneficial for those who practice healing because it teaches strength. When healing, it is important to remain strong, and a wild boar can assist with that. This totem helps keep you grounded. Wild boars are truly powerful animals, as very few dare to fight them. They always protect their family and themselves. They are enormous and carry a lot of strength. These animals can easily navigate through challenging situations and achieve the desired outcome. Thus, they find what they need to survive, including food and other essentials. This understanding is crucial. Therefore, one of the main qualities of a boar is the ability to always achieve results.

Boars do not doubt, they simply move forward. Hence, this totem is highly beneficial for those who often doubt themselves. We also believe that a wild boar grants incredible health and power. It can assist you in fighting, not as a soldier, but for your own results, rights, future, and family. This totem helps you channel the energy of fighting. Wild boars are not typically fighters but will defend themselves when necessary. Though their vision is poor and they cannot see distant objects, they possess heightened senses, such as a keen sense of smell. Boars have exceptional intuition, which they can share with you. This is useful when you cannot see your surroundings clearly but still need to find your way.

The boar symbolizes strength, independence, and protection. These qualities suggest that in the future, you will possess a high level of potential and confidently pursue your goals.

However, the boar also signifies the need to handle others with care and to be cautious in decision making. It symbolizes resilience and power, but if not used wisely, it can provoke aggression and conflicts.

Therefore, your future, in light of the boar totem, will be successful and satisfying, but it is important to remember the balance of power. Strive to use your energy and determination not only to achieve your goals, but also to help others, considering their needs and interests.

So, your future is destined to be successful and independent, but remember the importance of wisely using your strength and protecting those around you.
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