The shaman as a clairvoyant
It is typical for a shaman to work in the dark, or at least with his eyes closed, in order to see clearly. For this reason, shamans usually practice at night. Some kind of shamanic clairvoyance can be performed with the eyes open, but this kind of perception usually has less depth. In the dark, unlike the light of day, the pressure on consciousness decreases, as a result of which the shaman has the opportunity to focus on aspects of unusual reality that are important for his work. But darkness alone is not enough for shamanic clairvoyance. As mentioned above, the main condition here is to enter a state of trance, or ecstasy, with the help of drumming, rattles, singing and dancing.
shaman with a drum and fire
The so called shamanic illumination is clairvoyance in its purest form, not only in the sense of knowledge, but also as a literal ability to see in complete darkness.. Eliade, using the material collected by Rasmussen, wrote the following about Eskimo shamans:

"The initiate ends the trials with a feeling of "flash" or "illumination" - kuamenek, and this mystical experience simultaneously lays the foundations of a new "sensitivity" and opens up the possibilities of extrasensory perception. This kuamenek consists of a mysterious light that the shaman suddenly feels in his body, in his head and in the very center of his brain. That inexplicable guiding light, bright fire, allows the young shaman to see in the dark — both literally and figuratively — because now, even with his eyes closed, he can see through the darkness, be a seer — see the facts and events of the future, hidden from other people. This way, he can look into the future, as well as see the secrets of others."

When the initiate feels this "illumination" for the first time, it seems as if the dwelling in which he is suddenly rises up; he can see far in front of him, through the mountains, as if the earth is one huge plain, and his gaze reaches its borders. Nothing is hidden from him now. Now, not only can he see far away, but he can also find stolen souls, regardless of whether they are guarded, hidden in some strange remote places, or carried high into the sky, or down to the land of the dead.

The Eskimo shaman Aua described his enlightenment in this way:

"I tried to become a shaman with the help of others, but I did not succeed. I have visited many famous shamans and presented them with great gifts…I was looking for solitude and eventually became very sad. Sometimes I started crying and feeling unhappy, without knowing the reason for it. Then, again, for no reason, everything suddenly changed and I felt a great inexplicable joy, so strong that I could not contain it and had to burst into a song, a powerful song in which there was only one word: "Joy! Joy!" And I had to use all the power of my voice, and one day, in the midst of a fit of such mysterious and irresistible delight, I became a shaman. I didn't know how it happened, but at that moment I became a shaman. I saw and heard in a very special way. I received my kuamenek, achieved my own enlightenment, shamanic light in my mind and body, and thus I could now see not only through the darkness of life, but also radiated this light myself, not perceived by human beings, but visible to all the spirits of the Earth, Sky, Sea, and they now came to me and began to serve me as helper spirits."

Shamans often work in a room immersed in total darkness. Sometimes they allow a lamp or a small fire to be lit, but sometimes even weak light can interfere with shamanic vision.

This is how the ritual of kamlaniya takes place, for example, among the Siberian Chukchi:

"... It began, as usual, in the dark, but when the shaman finished beating the drum, the lamp was lit again, and the shaman's face was immediately covered with a piece of cloth. The hostess of the house, who was his wife, took a drum and began to beat it with rare light strokes. It lasted all the time."

Outstanding shamans, being in a state of ecstasy, not only see, but also hear, feel and even experience sensations outside their normal senses.
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