The rite of house cleansing among the peoples of northern Siberia
This is a joint rite of invocation of benevolence and protection for each participant, usually all the inhabitants of the camp or settlement. The ceremony, led by one or more shamans, was most often held during or shortly after the White Moon Festival (timed to coincide with the Vernal Equinox).

This rite embodies the idea that the White Moon serves as a time of spiritual purification, forgiveness and reconciliation. The forces that bring misfortune and disease are captured during the ceremony, after which the shaman goes to the upper world to ask the spirits for the well-being of the community for the next year. The participants of the ceremony unite to expel harmful and destructive influences from their community by expressing a common intention.
shamanic ritual with fire
The best time for this ceremony is considered to be early spring, on the eve or during the White Moon (mid-February - mid-March).
The ceremonial space should be spacious enough so that all participants can comfortably sit in a circle without embarrassing each other.
If you are going to go to the upper world together, there should be enough space in the ritual area so that you can easily lie down or sit down during the journey.

Each participant will need five pieces of braid or rawhide about two inches long and a piece of red braid about three inches long. These strips and ribbons must be kept by each participant of the ceremony so that they can be used immediately.
In the middle of the space, place a smoke burner that will burn throughout the ceremony, or smoking sticks as the embodiment of fire. When performing a ceremony in the open air, you can make a real fire.

In the case of a ceremony in nature, a lot of fist-sized stones will be needed to build a circle. At least two larger stones should mark the "doors", the entrance to the south side of the ritual circle. Shamans and ritual participants can lay out stones together. Each of those present, taking several stones and walking in a circle in the direction of the movement of the sun, puts the stones until the circle is clearly marked.

Since the traditional number of pillars for a ceremonial yurt is 21 or a multiple of this number, the number of stones must also be exactly 21 stones or be a multiple of this number. The presiding shaman is responsible for placing the door stones; they are placed last. If you are going to make a fire, be sure to appoint a person responsible for maintaining the fire and stock up on enough firewood inside the circle, since no one can leave the circle during the ceremony, except for two people accompanying the shaman when he enters the circle in the second part of the ceremony.

Although more than one shaman or even exclusively shamans participate in the rite, akhanad, the leader of the rite, is appointed among them. Traditionally, the oldest or most sophisticated shaman becomes one. When performing the ceremony indoors, a circle is built of smaller stones collected by the participants of the ceremony and placed in a basket or delivered by akhanad.

Again, they can be placed either by the presiding shaman or by all participants, and the doors on the south side will need to be clearly marked. If you are creating an imaginary image of a ceremonial yurt, try to use 21 or 42 stones in the construction of the circle.
Be sure to place them at a sufficient distance, at the edge of the ritual space, so that they are not touched during the dance.

The main components of the image of this ritual space are gol, turge (World Tree), gates and Altan Hadaas (the North Star). The gate is a common entrance in all shamanic ritual spaces, where there is certainly some kind of image of a gol. In the second part of the purification ceremony, the shaman's dwelling is led through the doors to his place inside the circle. During the journey to the upper world — the culmination point of the ceremony — the shaman ascends the nine steps of the turge tree to the upper world. The smoky sky, the entrance to the upper world, is indicated by the North Star.
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