Understanding the Language of Spirit: Messages, Signs, and Communication in Shamanism

Spirit helpers, in one way or another, constantly try to establish a relationship with their owner. But often people do not understand the meaning of the signs sent to them.
Messages through dreams

Among all human experiences, dreams are the closest to shamanic journeys, so it is not surprising that messages from spirits often come in dreams.
There are two types of dreams. Many dreams turn out to be just psychological noise, randomly emerging images of our past experiences, with or without a coherent narrative. But we have all also seen dreams or dream fragments that are clear, coherent, and vivid, like pictures of everyday life. These dreams are used by spirits to convey a message to the shaman.
Have you ever had a recurring image of a specific animal in your dreams? Did it communicate something to you in a special way, perhaps talking to you or accompanying you in your dream? It could be one of your animal helpers trying to reach out to you at the direction of your spirit.

Chance encounters and signs

Time is irrelevant in shamanism, which means nothing happens spontaneously. What appears to be connected to each other, even when disconnected in time, is connected by a thread of meaning and spiritual purpose. Coincidences are another way through which spirits communicate with you.
Have you noticed how often a chance encounter or timely expressed interest in your life brings you closer to someone or imparts information that is essential for your spiritual growth? Spirits will send people into your life who will teach you something important, unknowingly delivering the message that the spirits are trying to convey to you. Similarly, your guardian will send you a required shamanic teacher, even if you have not intentionally searched for one.

Unconscious inclinations

Spirits also often communicate through unconscious inclinations that arise in us. As you evolve as a shaman, you begin to recognize certain internal impulses that are direct messages from your spirit helpers. This may manifest as unexpected insights while discussing a question related to healing, or suddenly revealed information that was previously unknown to you, known as clairvoyance. Déjà vu is among them.

The essence of Mongolian and Siberian shamanism is to allow spirit helpers and animals to penetrate the shaman in order to perform certain tasks. This requires deeper communication with the spirits than for the purpose of sudden insights.
Perhaps you have had random and fleeting encounters that indicate the call of spirits for you to become their accomplices in shamanic work. By achieving a state of mental concentration and perception, you will be able to establish direct communication with your spirit helpers and thereby embark on your inner shamanic initiation.

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