Crow is a very special totem in many traditions. In Siberian tradition, the crow has wisdom about living and dead water!

The main quality of the crow is its connection with borders and ability to see beyond the borders. There are different kinds of borders: the border between life and death, and the border between the material and dream world. In many traditions, people see the crow as a magical totem. If you see a crow, it can be a message for you that something magical is coming or that your life is transforming.

Crows have some Erlik qualities, but they are also very smart birds. The crow stands for magic, and many shamans choose the crow as their totem and have telepathic connections with it. Crows help shamans deliver their messages to other worlds.

Many people are scared of crows because of their black color. This is a symbolic color because crows always follow something magical that is not clear. If you make a prediction, a crow can also help you bring information from the other world. Crows help mediums in the world predict the future.
1. Wisdom and intellect: In your future, new opportunities for mental growth and development await you. Interesting and captivating projects or educational opportunities await you, which will help you unleash your potential and develop new skills.

2. Mysteries and enigmas: Riddles or mysteries will appear in your life that you will have to solve. You may encounter unusual events or mysterious circumstances that will require your attention and analytical abilities.

3. Change of direction: The crow is also a symbol of change. Your future may be associated with unexpected changes in your life. You may need to adapt to new circumstances or situations. Be prepared for changes and embrace them as opportunities for personal growth and development.

4. Keeping a secret: You may need to keep a secret or certain information to yourself. It is important to be cautious and keep confidential what may have great significance to you or those around you.