Unlocking the Secrets of Premonitory Dreams and the Power of the Subconscious Mind

When we sleep, our soul embarks on a great journey, entering the subtle world. It can descend into the Underworld and find itself in our past, or ascend into the Upper World and be transported into the future. Dreams are the result of our soul communicating with different spirits: past, present, and future, both positive and negative.

Our subconscious visualizes this information, giving rise to dreams. You may recall how allegorical they can be – one moment everything happens as in real life, and the next you find yourself riding a huge dinosaur, heading to the store for a carton of milk. Understanding dreams can be difficult precisely because your soul is in another world – the Spirit World.

Why do we see premonitory dreams?

Often, dreams reflect past events in which we were deeply emotionally immersed and seeking resolution. After a clash with a colleague or an argument with a friend, we replay that scene in our minds over and over, imagining how we could have responded differently and what else we could have said. These thoughts are precisely what manifest in dreams. Premonitory dreams are predictions of the future. When they occur, you can clearly see answers to important questions – whether to borrow money, trust a new acquaintance, sell a valuable item, or quit your job.

Premonitory dreams help us glimpse into the future, the past, warn of danger, or delight us with good news. Our lives are in our hands. Premonitory dreams suggest the development of events, but we are the ones who control them. Another important indicator of a premonitory dream is the time of its occurrence. If the dream comes at night, doubts about its reliability arise. This is not the case with dreams just before waking up – they are the ones worth trusting more.

What are the types of premonitory dreams?

Some dreams bring relief, others reveal hidden thoughts, while others warn of hardships. There are premonitory dreams, and then there are gift dreams, where answers to all questions come. Dreams can accurately reflect events that are about to take place or have already happened. For example, you dream that a relative is ill, and in the morning you find out that they recently went to the hospital with appendicitis.

However, it is a mistake to believe that everything bad in a premonitory dream must necessarily come true. Upon waking up, pay attention to the emotions you are experiencing: anger, despair, panic, serenity, positivity, joy. Even if something bad suddenly appears in your dream, but you wake up feeling relieved, it means that challenging situations around you will end well. Conversely, if heavy emotions persist, then spirits are preparing to bring you or your loved ones some sort of challenge. That is why it is important to understand what is being conveyed in dreams. It is a prediction, an opportunity to be prepared for any significant event. And there are many ways to avoid troubles.

What can affect your sleep?

To control the flight of your soul, you should take into account all the nuances accompanying sleep. Much depends on when you went to bed, how you felt, and what surrounded you (space, sounds, smells). It is also not advisable to eat before sleep, let alone go to bed on a full stomach! Thus, lightness in the body allows the soul to rise up to upcoming events. It is very good if we wake up in the morning on our own. After all, only then can we clearly remember the dream and understand what it was about. An alarm clock interrupts the subtle energy and information with which the soul interacts.

There are also shamanic power objects. It is no coincidence that in the past, magical amulets were hung in cradles over children, protecting their sleep. Even today, this wise tradition has survived! However, nowadays parents hang toys that the child plays with instead of amulets. If you sleep restlessly or want to have prophetic dreams, you should wear this magical object around your neck before sleep or hang it above your head. A shamanic talisman can gather the energy of your subconscious and direct it in a positive direction.
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