The Preferences of Spirits: Unveiling the Secrets of Feeding and Connecting with the Supernatural in Shamanism

The preferences of spirits vary, depending on their level and nature.
The lower spirits, for example, can feed on the smells of blood, suffering and sexual energy, while the higher spirits favor prayer, candle and bread.
Bread, milk, honey and sweets are the traditional type of offerings to the spirits. Milk symbolizes purity of thoughts.
However, if you want your offering to be accepted and your requests to be heard, try to find out the preferences of a particular spirit. When we go to visit, we usually try to find out the preferences of our hosts in order to treat them with something pleasant.

But if we are constantly given the same gifts, this may indicate the insensitivity and indifference of those who give them.

Religion, especially those that rely on canons and dogmas, often lacks the liveliness and emotional component that are present in the Spirits of the Elements. Elemental spirits are living and spiritual entities that have their own nature and preferences, and they deserve respect and offerings that correspond to their essence.

The preparation and conduct of the ritual of feeding spirits is not only compliance with tradition and the use of attributes, but also a manifestation of sincere respect and a heartfelt message. It is important not only to prepare all the necessary offerings and choose the place and time, but also to do it from the heart, with the full contribution of your emotions and thoughts.
Spirits always look into our inner world. Therefore, when we understand the importance of the inner component, we can achieve true contact with the supernatural world and receive sincere help.

Thus, feeding spirits is not just performing a ritual, but an opportunity to establish a connection with another world through the unity of hearts and souls.

For example, the ritual of feeding the Wind Horse (Shamanic Drum) is an important element of shamanic practice.
There is a real Spirit inside the drum, which is a living and spiritual guide for the shaman. The winged horse that the shaman rides through the three-dimensional world is the drum itself.

Therefore, you should not go on a journey on a hungry horse. In order to strengthen the connection with spiritual forces and attract their help, shamans feed the drum with various offerings. It can be milk, honey, as well as herbs and tobacco for fumigating a drum.

It is worth noting that not every spirit will favor and help a person. Much depends on the spiritual state and the true intentions of the petitioner, as well as on the personal disposition of the spirit towards the person.

Shamans feed various spirits, including: Ancestors, Spirits of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, deity spirits, spirits of terrain, places of power, forest, sea, stones, herbs, helpers, totem animals, as well as spirits of deceased heroes, shamans, healers and saints, house spirits and many others. And the ritual of feeding the Wind Horse — Shamanic Drum is an integral part of shamanic practice, which allows you to attract spiritual help and support in traveling through the three-dimensional world.
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