How shamans find new Spirit Helpers
Sometimes there comes a time when a shaman feels the need for a new Spirit. It is better to go in search of a Spirit - a helper - in the daytime. Less trouble. You will not get lost, will not cause slanted glances of relatives. Of course, the ideal variant is evening, silence and a fire. Then the Spirit himself can come “to the fire” and it remains only to offer the spirit a treat and get acquainted. As for shamanic journeys for healing or getting answers to questions, late evening is a good time.
shamanic ritual with a big fire
In the forest, a shaman most often comes into contact with the trees. Each tree (not a species of tree, but each tree) has its own Spirit. However, it can belong to a tree species as a whole, but it will be a “collective, species image”. First of all, there must be a need for the Spirit of a particular tree. This is primarily necessary for those shamans who are directly involved in the healing of the sick. Shamans who are not engaged in therapy are unlikely to need these Spirits.

So, if you have decided that the Tree Spirit is necessary, then it is time to get ready to hit the road. The Tree Spirit will not come knocking on your door by itself. It has to be searched for. A shaman packs up and goes into the woods. Not every quest can be successful. It's all right, we'll be lucky next time.

The shaman enters the forest. Before entering the forest, it is important to remember to greet the forest and tell it the purpose of your journey. After that, enter and let your feet lead you. Try to concentrate. At the beginning of the journey, it is not possible to stop the flow of thoughts. Gradually, step by step, the stream of thoughts turns into a "rivulet".

Then comes the moment of loss of orientation in time and even place. Don't get lost! You are stepping into the void. During these moments, you meet the Spirit who has decided to meet you, and therefore to get acquainted. Don't get lost! Get to know each other! If you can, play with it, they can be very mischievous. If the acquaintance takes place and you agree, the new Spirit will accompany you all the way out of the forest, and sometimes even home.

Remember, do not drag and lure the Spirit after you. Leave it in the woods. Say goodbye to it at the exit of the forest. It is much safer for Spirits to stay in the woods than to follow you past houses, people, dogs and cats. If a Spirit follows you, you will have to walk it back to the forest. Don't torture it, just leave it right in the woods. The Spirit will still be in your heart and will stay there until you decide to part ways.

When a new Spirit appears in your heart, you will feel even more secure and confident. It is difficult to convey in words what high feelings a shaman experiences at the moment of meeting a new helper! It is hard to get used to such feelings. It is like magic. Imagine: in the midst of a bare forest, suddenly, a living creature appears! Such an event is not forgotten.
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