The Five elements and their impact on human life

From astrology or other sources, you may know that there are five elements: fire, earth, air, water, and Spirit.
All living beings and natural phenomena on Earth are combinations and interactions of these Five Elements. They influence each other and are connected by consistent relationships. All movements and changes in the Universe, manifested in events, people, and objects, are also influenced by them.

A human being in the Universe is merely an object that occupies its place in its structure and also adheres to its laws. Since everything in the Universe consists of the Five Elements, so too is a person's life and destiny determined by their combination.

How the five elements influence a person

The manifestations of one of the elements in your character may not coincide with the given horoscope. Usually, a person's elements are unbalanced, and one or two elements prevail. There have been cases where the elements are completely absent, and then it’s already the destruction and decomposition of spiritual structures, i.e., a zombie, someone who feels nothing and sees nothing.

For example, if the element of fire prevails in a person, then his character will also have the predominant traits of the element. The person will be decisive, energetic, very industrious in work, passionate in love, etc. Negative qualities may include impulsiveness, aggressiveness, restlessness, etc. Most often, such people achieve everything they desire, sweeping away all obstacles in their path – they are natural leaders.
If a person has more of the element of water, he will be gentle, patient, flexible, kind-hearted, easily adaptable to any situation, and quickly find a way out of difficult situations. Negative qualities may include excessive softness, subservience to despots, etc.
The element of air will add such traits to a person's character as sociability, openness, lightness, nonchalance, and perhaps excessive thoughtlessness and restlessness.
For people with the element of earth, the following qualities will be characteristic: thoughtfulness, taking on other people's problems, uncompromisingness, fairness, perhaps heaviness, conservatism, and intransigence, etc.

The fifth element, "Spirit," should be present in all people and is the source of all existence, the Divine Light, but in practice, it’s far from the case. The level of a person's spirituality depends on the accumulated experience in his past lives, that is, his karma. One can increase his spirituality through a sincere heartfelt attitude towards the harmony of the world, beauty, love, nature, through the study of various spiritual teachings, through encounters with the spirits of the elements and divine emanations.

The presence of this fifth element manifests itself in the different influences these individuals have on the lives of all humanity. Among them can be mentioned: Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Solomon, Moses; Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky; Maharishi, Yogananda... There are many teachers, and each fulfills and continues to fulfill their mission on Earth; the levels of the Teachers are diverse, in the description of the world, they are bright manifestations of independent individualities, they are all necessary, and each person chooses Teachers who are close to his soul.

To improve life and divine understanding of the universe, it is necessary to balance the five elements among themselves: fire, air, earth, water, and Spirit. It’s desirable for each person to determine which element predominates in him over the others. Sometimes the elements mix and dominate in pairs, or one of the elements predominates in a person to a lesser extent than others.
You can observe your behavior and others from the perspective of the obtained information for several days, this is important. Control yourself at home, at work, in the store, at the theater, when visiting, etc. You will better understand yourself and the people around you.

To understand the fifth element of the elements - the Spirit, one comes through understanding and knowing the other four elements. It’s perceived by a person intuitively, not thanks to the analysis of our limited mind.

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