What do we know about foxes? First, we see many negative depictions of foxes in stories because they often challenge the main heroes and other animals, and have the ability to be tricky and lie. Most of these traits are associated with the Age of the Fox, which we have recently experienced. However, the fox is not an age but a totem that represents a different vision. An age is a period of time that carries a certain frequency. However, there are some similarities: the fox is still tricky, slippery, and always finds a way to achieve results.

One of the main qualities of the fox is its connection to magic. Magic is something invisible that is often difficult to understand. The fox is like a stalker, being invisible and not drawing much attention. It is very skilled at hiding and is extremely cautious because it does not have much power to fight and is not as strong as other animals. The fox is connected to Erlik and its color is fire-red, which gives it the ability to transform and let go. The fox provides an opportunity for change and transformation and gives a sign that it's time for changes. However, it is always your choice whether to act on that sign or not.

The fox embodies female qualities and easily connects with women. It has the ability to find new and unconventional ways instead of taking a straight path. If a woman wants to achieve something, it can be very helpful to have the fox as a totem, as it will guide her to find a way and attain her goals. It is also beneficial for relationships where one person is more direct and focused while the other is more creative, flexible, and always finds a way like a fox!
The fox is a symbol of cunning, intelligence, and endurance. You will have to go through various challenges, but thanks to your wit and agility, you will easily overcome all difficulties.

The fox is also a symbol of slyness and intuition. You should trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice, as it will guide you in the right direction. Be cautious and avoid suspicious situations, as someone may try to deceive you.

The fox is also associated with change and adaptation. Your future will be full of changes, and you will have to adapt to new circumstances and situations. Be open to new opportunities and prepare yourself to adapt to different aspects of life.

Since the fox can also be a symbol of history and wisdom, you should pay attention to the lessons that can be learned from past experiences. Focus on self-improvement and education to find wisdom in everything you do.