Raising a child with a shamanic gift

“It doesn't exist, you're making it up.” A truly fatal phrase. It is still used to turn children endowed with shamanic powers into unhappy adults who have never been able to find their place in life, who have not been fully realized.
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Did you have visions, dreams that turned out to be true in your childhood? Did people and other beings come to you that only you could see? Or maybe you were very sensitive and picky about people? It is a great fortune when children endowed with a gift are born into families where it is normal, where they know how to raise such a child, how to support and guide him/her. It is worse when such children are born in a family where parents are afraid of the otherworldly or sincerely believe that they do not believe in anything.

That's when children are told, “It doesn't exist!” To avoid upsetting their beloved parents, the child will deny their power. And then what? Then such grown up children, like angels with cut wings, feel the call of Heaven, but are no longer able to answer it. They are drawn to everything mystical, but because they have spent so many years learning not to hear the inner voice, they are unable to choose the right path and often fall into the traps of false teachings or their own illusions. But it also happens that the gift does not go away, but begins to break its bearer, forcing him to plunge into the Spirit World and see reality in the true light, and not only from the angle learned from childhood. And if after the shaking a person remains true to the raised “there is nothing of this,” the gift can deprive him of everything - health, well-being, loved ones, life.

What should you do if your child has a special gift?

First, the task of a parent in such a case is to take the manifested gift for granted and bring up the child taking into account his/her special gift. In this case, the parent should instill in his child strong moral principles concerning the attitude to himself, to people; understanding of what is good and evil, justice, love, honor, dignity, responsibility, order, Formation of a mature, harmonious personality - this is the best gift that can be given to the child by his parents.

Second, if you yourself are not endowed with the shamanic gift and do not practice, it is worth finding a shaman you can trust to guide your child. He can help both with the formation of a strong moral foundation, and to support the young talent, which is just beginning his journey. But in choosing a mentor should be careful, because your child, communicating with him, will adopt some of the views and become a little like him. Therefore, pay special attention to how the shaman looks like, how he lives, what guides him, what relations he has with loved ones and what are the fruits of his labors.

Thirdly, often the gift reveals itself in those children who have a special, incurable or unknown disease. In such cases it is worthwhile to ask a shaman for a divination to find out whether your child has a gift, whether he should take it and what will happen to him in this or that case. Many stories are known about how a gifted person was healed by undergoing initiation.

Fourth, if your child has manifested special abilities, be prepared for the fact that he or she may not fit into the children's collective. Most often this phenomenon is found in the literature under the name “shamanic disease”, it can manifest itself, as already described in the third paragraph, in the form of a disease. But it also manifests itself as isolation, alienation. And in this form can arise on the initiative of the child himself, who feels deep loneliness and misunderstanding on the part of society. Also isolation and alienation can appear on the initiative of society. People feel each other, those who are like them and those who are not. It is important to get used to this. Wherever a shaman lives, no matter how many people surround him, his place is on the border between the world of people and the world of Spirits. He himself and, above all, his parents should be prepared for this. It is worth giving such a child support and love and, if suddenly the children's collective bristles at your child, the future shaman should not be thrown to the ammunition, go, say, deal with yourself. It will be important to stand on his side.

Fifth, if your child has had a few incidents that indicate that he or she has discovered a gift, it does not mean that from that day on he or she is great and powerful. The gift must be learned to subdue and tame, and the abilities must be developed and perfected. There are still decades of work and study, discoveries and accomplishments ahead.

Sixth, if your child sees people or beings that come to him, do not panic. Your task is to make this contact safe for the child. To do this in a playful way, in stories and fairy tales invented by you, teach your child the right way to ask questions to the spirits that come. The questions should be as follows: “Who are you, why have you come? What do you want? What's in it for me? When will you leave?”. In communicating with Spirits it is important to know who you are talking to, why he came, not to lie and stand your ground. Usually Spirits come to children who want to do them good or neutral Spirits who want to convey something through them.

Seventh, gifted children are often very sensitive. They are more often than other children cling to themselves jinxes, frightened, vividly experience emotions. It is worth teaching them not to take anything from the road, so as not to pick up someone else's negativity, keep a dulce in your pocket when communicating with an unpleasant person. And, of course, it is important to energetically cleanse and protect such children in time. They are like immature chicks - they are exposed to the influence of the environment and are tasty prey for unclean people who do not shy away from stealing other people's power or feeding on other people's energy.

Eighth, it is important to realize that not only turning a blind eye to your child's abilities can lead to irreparable consequences, but also undue influence. You should not make your child an object of worship or attribute to him excessive specialness or exclusivity, inflating his ego. Yes, he is different from others, but so are his responsibilities and duties that he has to this world. Therefore, one should not rest on his laurels for long.

Ninth, give the child time to mature. Let him show interest himself. And when he does, check his motivation. For example, let him learn the names of all the planets or the spelling of all the runes. Teach him reverence for the Spirits of the place, small prayers, respect for other worlds and his gift. Talk about the Gods and the world order. In time this will become part of his essence.
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