Human Energy: How Different Cultures Interpret and Work with Energy

What is known about energy today? In general, energy is the basis of a person's life, his vital activity, this is what measures his movement and interaction. So it turns out that if a person has very little of this energy, then he feels a decline in strength, disappointment, apathy, depression, laziness and other ailments overcome him. And the less energy a person has, the less joy, vitality, and desire to achieve anything in life and live in general. Or, on the contrary, the more of this energy, the stronger, healthier, more confident a person is in himself, in his abilities. A person with a large flow of energy achieves his goals, enjoys life, is active, is able to conquer heights inaccessible to many, explore new horizons and feels a great thirst for life.
human energy
Without energy, there is no movement of life, it is impossible to develop, grow, learn something new, get what you want, live a high-quality, decent and interesting life. In this case, when a person knows these provisions, and moreover, has not only this knowledge, but also the ability to generate, raise his energy level, direct it in the right "direction", he will always be "on horseback", success and a "place in the Sun" are provided for him.

The concept of energy can be found in the culture of different peoples: in Russia it was called "Zhivoi (Alive)", in India it is known as "Prana", in China – "Qi", in Israel – "Jesed". For example, in ancient texts on yoga, a practical method of working with energy is described, where it comes from, according to what laws it operates and much more.

What does this energy represent?

Energy is an invisible force (substance) that makes up the entire world around us; a force that gathers and holds the elementary parts in a single whole. Moving from one state to another, it performs an action (work), transforms the surrounding reality, its quantity and quality, forms the potential and capabilities of all beings.

Thus, it becomes clear that matter does not generate energy, since it consists entirely of it, it is, in a way, its condensed clumps. Also, absolutely all creatures have energy: both living and dead. From this point of view, life is eternal, and death is just a formality, which is nothing more than a transition to another state.

In science, the nature and features of human energy are practically not officially known, besides, most scientists are skeptical about this issue. However, bioenergy has ceased to be actively denied in our time, and now centers have begun to open that study and improve people's health, for example, direct action on the points of nerve endings (acupuncture), which activates human energy.

Now, practicing energy-related practices that promote the opening of energy channels and their management has become very common. Many schools and directions have been opened that teach how to work with human energy. Among them, the most famous are:

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing practice that uses the technique of healing through touching with hands. It was founded in the first half of the XX century.

Cosmoenergetics is an ancient Indian system of using the energy flows of the Earth and space, designed for healing, as well as for self–improvement and improvement of human life.

Zhiva is an ancient Slavic system of spiritual development and healing. The central place in this teaching is occupied by the Slavic goddess Zhiva, the mother who gives life (energy) to all living things. Therefore, in this system, interaction with energies can be carried out as with a living entity, referring to the goddess Zhiva, as well as with her energy flow.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese art of regulating the energy of the body, a traditional wellness system, the basis of internal martial arts styles. Qigong teaches meditation practice and gymnastic exercises that free a person from bodily clamps, remove energy blocks; are used for relaxation and alternative treatment, as well as for the harmonization of the body as a whole.

Tantric yoga is an ancient Indian set of exercises that helps a person develop himself, without suppressing the energy of desires, but, on the contrary, using it for healing, prolonging life and spiritual growth. It involves working with the most powerful human energies: with the energy of creation and with the energy of destruction, with the energy of love and sexual energy.
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