Probably now absolutely everyone is concerned about the question of strengthening their immunity. After all, it is on this depends on our well-being, especially given the identified viruses and new diseases. How to help yourself and your loved ones without undermining your health with a mountain of pills? Do not rush to the pharmacy for a long list of medicines.


Most often it happens when we are under stress. And since almost every day we spend emotionally, the body reacts extremely negatively. We overslept a meeting, we came across horrible photos of a car crash in the news feed, a child fought at school with a classmate... We get a lot of information in our head, to which the nerve cells react, undermining the immune system.

How many times have you felt very tired or had a headache in the evening after work? How often have you felt a drop in energy after a stressful situation? Remember what happened next: the body weakened and, as a rule, on this background later on some disease appeared. We are in constant tension. But to save ourselves from every stress and illness with pills is not the best solution. But what to do if the frantic pace of life and a million daily activities do not give us the opportunity to rest and gain strength?


This practice requires only 10 minutes, but its effect is enormous. It will help you regain your energy and boost your natural immunity.

Take a body position so that you can comfortably place your hands at chest level (for example, use your desk). Next, you need to bend your arms at the elbows, as schoolchildren do when sitting at a desk. On top of your hands, lower your head, resting on your forehead, and fix yourself in a comfortable position. It is important to lie down in such a way that the neck at this moment was maximally stretched.

This is an ancient pose, it is in it that people used to rest, especially shamans. It has proved itself perfectly, and those who use it now, only confirm the effect. When you perform the exercise, there is an increased supply of oxygen to the brain. At the moment when you close your eyes and abstract yourself from external stimuli for 10 minutes, the nervous and immune systems are fully restored. After such simple actions you will rise from this position and notice how your face suddenly has a smile and a healthy blush, your mood is cheerful and you are ready to cope easily with any life situations. Make sure by doing this effective exercise right now! And after - teach it to your family and friends.


There are times when we are weakened and already feel that we are about to fall ill. What to do? How to strengthen the immune system with folk remedies and set it up to fight the disease? At this point it is necessary to conduct a technique of special breathing. It is called "snake". It is often used not only by shamans, but also by yogis. By doing this exercise, you rid the body of poisons, toxins after illnesses and restore your immunity.

Sit up straight, spine straight, palms on your knees. Raise your head up and inhale (for this purpose fold your tongue in a tube) and inhale air with the sound "sss". Then press the tongue to the upper palate and hold the breath. Turn your head to the right. Holding the breath, lower the head down, try to touch the chin to the chest. At this moment exhale air. Then turn your head to the left and tilt it upwards, while gradually inhaling. Then open your eyes wide - and exhale strongly. At the top point we take the next breath, turning the head in the opposite direction. Such breathing should be done 6-8 times per approach, it will be enough. But it is important to repeat it 4-5 times during the day.

Already after the first approach you will feel lighter - the temperature will drop and even the runny nose will subside. As soon as your nose is stuffy, as soon as you feel that a virus has settled in your chest, make one approach. After a few hours - another one. Teach this breathing to relatives who often suffer from colds and have a weakened immune system. It will be of great benefit to them.
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