How does shamanic practice work to improve life and achieve results?

Any shamanic practice is a meditation. It can be static, i.e. the body is still regardless of what is going on inside the person. It can be dynamic, when there are many different movements, more often spontaneous dance, with changes in the rhythms of breathing, and also a person may well sing or hum some motifs that he or she has known for a long time or newly composed.

The main difference of shamanic practices is the absence of preliminary preparation, collection of information about the participants, their requests. This is pure action in the moment here and now based on what the practitioner feels. This approach, which allows you to relax, let go of your daily worries and burdens, thoughts and feelings. And get into the general flow.
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Every nation on our planet has its own special altered state of consciousness practices, which are aimed at increasing the quality of an individual's awareness.

These practices can be with the use of various mind-altering means in the form of decoctions, teas, etc. The main difference between the shamanic practices of the Sakha people is that no mind-altering substances are used. This altered state is called "TURUK. TURUKKA kiiriya" - entrance to a special state. "Min turukka kiirdim uonna keruulennim" - "I am in a special state and I have visions." This is how it is usually said.

What is turuk? Turuk translates as a state, a position. This state allows you to relax, let go of thoughts, receive information, knowledge, visions, and see the past and/or future. If we consider this state from the point of view of the frequency of brain rhythms, then according to the theory it is an entrance state, when the frequency of brain vibrations is in the neighborhood of 8 -12 Hz, i.e. it is a classical so-called alpha state.
This state gives an improvement of well-being, a burst of strength, strengthening of the physical body, and what is very important finding solutions for your actual requests.

The mouth harp (vargan), a reed instrument, and the drum are traditionally used in the practice

The vargan has a melodious high-frequency sound, which gives relaxation and discharge, and has a psycho-harmonizing effect. Since ancient times it was believed that the sounds of the vargan scare away evil spirits, bring peace and tranquility. Playing the vargan on your own also relaxes the eyes and affects the respiratory system through vibration. Vargan is listed to the class of instruments of self-hypnosis. Vargan is preserved in more than 200 nations of the world.

The drum is the oldest instrument that has appeared since the dawn of mankind. If not to go into mysticism, the first sounds that a person hears is the beating of his heart. We make a journey in time, we move into the past, to those times when we were still in the womb. Where it was calm, warm, good... Thus there is a harmonizing effect of the drum on a person. He is immersed in a trance, blocks and clamps are disconnected. There comes a harmonious state, which gradually corrects the human body. Most often people note the general improvement of the state, health-improving effect, sudden finding solutions to various problems and tasks.
In general, shamanic practice can be considered as a systematic approach to harmonization, self-healing, restoration and self-realization.

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