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On this page you will learn more about the Mother Animal.
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Hello, dear friend. I am very glad that you are interested in shamanism. After all, shamanism is our common past. Wherever you live, your distant ancestors, like mine, practiced shamanic rituals. So it's very important that today you learn the sacred knowledge of our ancestors and bring back ancient traditions to the world.
I want to support you in studying shamanism, so I've prepared a gift for you the "Mother Animal" ritual.

The ritual "Mother Animal" is one of the shamanic rituals associated with the acquisition of strength and abilities of animals. This ritual is performed in order to establish a connection between the shaman and the animal spirit in order to receive its help and guidance.

During the ritual, the shaman performs special chants and dances to attract the spirit of the animal. It can be any animal that has a special meaning for the shaman and will bring him the necessary qualities or protection. For example, you can choose a tiger for strength, an eagle for wisdom, or a bear for protection.

After the spirit of the animal is present in the ritual, the shaman establishes a deep connection with it. He can enter into a trance or ecstatic state to immerse himself in the spirit world and create unity with the spirit of the animal.

During this connection, the shaman receives the strength and qualities of the animal. He can acquire the abilities, characteristics and intuition of this animal. This helps the shaman fulfill his mission, heal or protect people, as well as gain knowledge and predictions.

After completing the ritual, the shaman releases the spirit of the animal and returns to his normal form. He keeps the presence of the spirit in his heart to use its power at the right moment.

This ritual is easy to perform, so it is suitable for beginners.

How you can get the "Mother Animal" ritual

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I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

Shaman Ahamkara