Siberian shamanism trainings with Ahamkara

Purification of the Family Karma

4 Rituals

1. Pay off debts for the ancestors, through the ritual of forgiveness.

2. Protecting yourself and your family.

3. The ritual of offering to the ancestors.

4. The ritual of cleansing the karma of the family with 12 candles.

Shamanic Protection
4 Rituals

  1. How to strengthen the connection with Umai
  2. How to be and feel safe
  3. Protection and cleansing with salt
  4. Deep contact with Umai
Training "Origin"
4 Rituals

1 week: Cleansing from the problem situation with beewax candel.
2 week: Abundance, contact with Umai.
3 week: Transformation with help of Spirits Helpers.
4 week: Creating a vision for the future (Ulgen)
Training "Shamanic Self-Healing”
Learn Practical Techniques

1 week: Healing with a Drum, you need a red woolen thread.
2 week: Shamanic meditation - getting rid of diseases.
3 week: Shamanic breathing exercises for healing.

4 week: Healing Ritual - “Offering to the spirits”.

4 Totems
4 Rituals

  1. The wolf conveys the teachings of love and healthy relationships
  2. Eagle’s medicine includes swiftness, strength, courage and wisdom
  3. The spirit of the bear as healer and teacher
  4. The crow is a carrier for souls traveling from darkness into light
Clearing Family and Ancestral Karma
5 Rituals

  1. Cleaning the family tree
  2. Helping deceased family members
  3. Ritual with the ancestors
  4. Family protection
  5. Family Spirit
House Cleansing Techniques
4 techniques

  1. Cleansing with salt
  2. Cleansing at a distance
  3. How to understand that the house needs cleansing
  4. Fumigation and Crystals
Get all 7 courses at once
  1. Purification of the Family Karma
  2. Shamanic protection
  3. Training "Origin"
  4. Shamanic Self-healing
  5. 4 Totems
  6. Clearing Family and Ancestral Karma
  7. House Cleansing Techniques

The Mystical Realm of Spiritual Practices with Siberian Shamanism trainings

Siberian Shamanism is a profound ancient tradition that holds a fascinating world of spiritual practices and beliefs. Central to this mystical path is the shaman, a revered figure who plays a vital role in guiding individuals through their spiritual journeys.

At the core of Siberian Shamanism are the shamanic tools, each possessing unique qualities and purposes. From the ceremonial shamanic drum, which produces rhythmic beats to induce altered states of consciousness, to various talismans and sacred plants, these tools are essential in facilitating healing, divination, and transformation.

Siberian shamanic practices encompass a wide range of rituals and ceremonies. One such practice is shamanic journeying, where the shaman enters an altered state of consciousness to explore the spiritual realms, receive guidance, and gain insights. Through this profound experience, individuals can find healing, knowledge, and spiritual growth.

For those drawn to the path of the shaman, there are various opportunities for learning and growth. Siberian shamanism trainings and courses provide a platform for individuals to deepen their understanding of the ancient wisdom and master the skills necessary to become a shaman. These courses often cover topics such as connecting with spirits, energy healing techniques, and the art of shamanic journeying.

Becoming a shaman is a transformative journey that requires dedication, openness, and reverence for the spiritual world. With the guidance of experienced shamanic practitioners, individuals can embark on a path of self-discovery, healing, and service to their community.

In conclusion, Siberian Shamanism holds a profound beauty and depth that has captivated and inspired countless individuals. Through its shamanic practices, rituals, and tools, this ancient tradition offers a unique pathway to spiritual growth, healing, and connection with the divine.
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