The Karma of Past Lives

Learn to travel to Past Lives and heal your traumas

What will you learn in this online shamanic training

Part 1

1. Introductory lesson

2. How it works and what it is for.

3. Activation of channels of perception

4. Types of trance that help remember past lives

5. Techniques to help start remembering past lives.

Result: You will learn how your own memory is blocked, get to know your deepest motivation, and also start exercises to unblock your memory.

Part 2

1. Working with resistance

2. Rhythms of the body

3. Channels of perception

4. Trance

5. Dream travel "Who I am?"

6. Reasons for blocking memory and how to work them out

The result: you activate 4 channels of perception in yourself, learn how to easily enter a trance, and also master the necessary safety techniques.

Part 3

1. Travel to past lives

2. How to create intent

3. Spirits Helpers in travel

4. Accompaniment in a trance

5. Travel to the opposite sex

6. Security

7. Travel in pairs

The result: you will learn to immerse yourself in pairs in past lives, begin to consciously enter the awareness of past lives. You will do the first 2-3 trips.

Part 4

1. How to distinguish fantasy from reality?

2. Possible blocks

3. Personality and Soul

4. How to take experience from a past life?

5. Moving in past lives.

Result: You will learn to easily distinguish fantasy from memories. And you can also integrate the experience from past incarnations.

Part 5

1. Life between lives

2. How to ask questions correctly?

3. How to clarify the request?

4. How to find a karmic connection?

5. Soul mates

6. Choice of future lives

7. Death walkthrough

Result: You will deal with the most important people in your life: parents, children, spouses. You will also gain basic skills in dealing with traumatic experiences. You will learn to immerse yourself in life between lives, you will be able to establish a connection with your higher structures of the psyche.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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