How to communicate with the spirits of plants in a light trance

If you are interested in finding out if you have a talent for interacting with Plant Spirits, read the article and do the exercise in it.
A shaman with a plant in the hand
One of the most common shamanic practices, healing, does not take place without the participation of the Spirits. A shaman knows exactly which plants in certain situations are needed for smoking a client, and which plants are needed for ingestion as decoctions. However, this knowledge is not the result of the achievements of modern medicine. Shamanism and herbalism were around long before research institutes were formed. But, how then did shamans learn the healing properties of plants? They got this knowledge directly from the plants themselves or through their Spirit Helpers.

Plants are another form of life, but they, like us, are endowed with Spirit, only collective. That is, all representatives of one species, for example, birch trees, have a single spiritual essence. Therefore, if you meet a birch tree in two different cities, you will be communicating with the same Spirit.
Plants are our potential helpers with whom it is worthwhile to interact.

Those who want to learn to communicate with plants need to be patient, because their pace of life is very different from that of humans: plants are immobile, unlike us, and very slow. It takes a long time to get in tune with them. Therefore, gardeners who like to work with the soil for long periods of time and communicate with plants get great results.

Attunement to the practice.
To establish the best contact, you need to enter a state of light trance, when the mind becomes clearer and more receptive. And, of course, the place should be deserted: where you will not be disturbed by anyone, there will be no external sound stimuli. Sit in a comfortable place and start swaying back and forth at a comfortable speed. For such a trance, it is important to perform rhythmically repetitive movements without any effort. As an option, you can use monotonous music: a wargan, a drum or your own singing.

Practice “Communicating with a plant”

1. Pick a plant you want to interact with. And then think about why that plant chose you - what it did to get your attention.
2. Stay with it, studying its shapes, colors, smell, energy, etc. Don't be in a hurry to move on to the next step.
3. Close your eyes, relax, take a deep breath and mentally visualize this plant appearing in front of you. Feel it in you, feel its slow measured rhythm of life to speak to its Spirit.
4. Ask the plant to tell you about its special qualities. Memorize all the images and thoughts that appear to you. Keep in mind that the Spirit of the plant may not correspond to its physical manifestation. If you have difficulty communicating, start this step again.
5. Thank the plant, breathe in and out, and open your eyes.

This practice can be done an unlimited number of times with the same or different Plant Spirits. Experiment, communicate with plants! Learn information from them and don't forget to thank them. Ideally, with good contact, the plant Spirit can become your helping Spirit.
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