If you are connected to the rabbit as a totem animal, try to consider all possible developments and always leave yourself open to choices. An encounter with a rabbit may mean that you should spend more time making plans for the future or checking on the progress of plans you have already started to implement. Don't let your rivals back you into a corner. Rabbits are adept at hiding from their enemies. They can freeze in place and stand motionless for long periods of time. This is important because many predators are able to recognize moving objects from a great distance. If you're involved in a contest - whether it's a competition or a game - try not to give away your movements in any way.

Everyone associated with this totem, should master the art of instantaneous transition from complete immobility to rapid movement. This will help you achieve great success. You will be able to capitalize on fleeting chances.

Rabbits are herbivorous animals. If you're working with this totem, pay attention to your diet.
your diet. From time to time sit down to a vegetarian diet: it will strengthen your body and allow you to get rid of diseases faster. Exclude - at least temporarily - meat products from the diet is also desirable to those of the owners of this totem, who is engaged in healing.

Rabbit will teach you to recognize the meaning of the signs that give you nature. He will help to tune in to the lunar cycle and realize the rhythm of the tides in your life. And thanks to this, your creative potential will increase.
In today's world, the rabbit can symbolize amazing opportunities that can arise unexpectedly in your life. It reminds you to be alert and open to new opportunities that can lead to success.

The rabbit may indicate the need to be more savvy and guard your energies in order to accomplish your goals. It also encourages you to keep your eyes on your goals and try to move towards them step by step, despite the obstacles that may come your way.

The rabbit can also remind you that it is important to find a balance between your inner world and your external responsibilities. It encourages you to pay attention to your instincts and feelings without ignoring them, and follow them in your journey to success.

So, be alert, open to new opportunities and remember to follow your instincts. Rabbit brings freshness and new perspectives into your life that can help you achieve success and fulfill your dreams.