Diagnosis and self-massage of internal organs


Student reviews

  • Thank you for the beautiful meditation
    I really like to connect with my organs and listen to what they need
    They told me to relax and take it easy and don’t eat to much
    Thank you my organs for everything you do 🙏❤️
  • I look at my reflect zones, and yes i know from my shoulders!! Also with my eyes but that’s gone already long time ago!! Because i do more years already massage, for myself!! And now we make a dialy routine❤️🙏🏻💜🦅so thank you ahamkara
  • Thank you for this beautiful dreaming…so calming…🙏💕
    I like to massage my intestines…to feel they become more relax of my touch. I think my intestines also like me back : ) and they feel happy with the attention they get…they appreciate that I can better process my emotions…they say…’yes you can trust a little deeper…breath a little wider…be in love and smile every day…in your own loving way’…🌸
  • Most stomach points are ok ..back points a little tender I must have an atrophic stomach for I do have some lines above my lips I've always eaten a lots of raw foods. I react very badly to gluten at one stage I became very ill & didn't know that I was allergic to gluten. it effected my whole body mental ability skin & digestive problems. I've lost weight around the middle since starting this course which is great & my digestion is better 😊
  • I have always had problems with Large intestines & suffered from bags under my eyes which are now not so puffy since doing the massage . I 'm sure I must have had stones because sometimes I experienced a lot of sharp pain as if something was lodged in there....thank you
  • Thank you for the beautiful meditation. It felt so good to thank my organs for what they do for me 🙏❤️They told me to relax and want warm food and drinks.
  • First I did not know what to feel than the pancreas told me to use my gifts more and trust on that then I start to feel contact with the pancreas. It became really warm under my hand and felt comfortable. Thanks
  • This is a totally new way of massage, i will try to do it by my daughter!!! Then after a while toy patients, thank you lovely technique
  • Love this course. Ahamkara explains so well. He gives many examples that increase the understanding of how the internal organs work together and how to detect that something is wrong. Shows the way to better health. Can absolutely recommend this course. / Agneta
    I will do lessons I have left and then I hope I can get a diplom. DS
  • Hello Amhamkara!
    Thank you very much for providing this course and challange! All the topics you covered, I have reflected and worked with and am still working with in my life, at different times and occasions.. It was great that you put all of these subjects together in one and the same course.
    I truely appreciate having gone through the course!
    With all my best wishes. Rita
  • Dear Ahamkara, thank you for the clear, detailed explanation. The attached diagrams are very detailed and very helpful, they will certainly help me. Also thank you for the tips you gave. I already use the nail mat regularly.
  • When i start with massage i he rd i need more space/ and more freedom!!! This is what my small intestine will to me, and not to worry!! Listen more to you're own intuition i hear come ck ser to me, that's what i hear i hear also you are own te right track!!! And step y step it's so truei have to stay calm and try and do meditation !!! Thank you
    to stay in my own energy ahamkara❤❤❤
  • I followed the healing-organs education because I thought it was time to give this to myself and because I really wanted to learn more about healing and the organs. Also to use this as a former physiotherapist in the future.

    This was a good choice! The training is very thorough, and very rich in knowledge. Well grounded, complementary and holistic.

    It really looks deeper and depicts a structure that is enlightening and gives you insights into your own health.

    My belly feels more relaxed despite a lot of stress in my life for quite some time, and I will continue with the different techniques we have learned. I learned to deeply feel my organs, my belly, and where my attention is needed. I now look at my organs in a different way and with this course I’m able to support them early on, instead of the frustration I could feel something aches inside. More respect and love is pouring into my body.

    It is a lot of info but also doable well distributed over the days and weeks. The lessons are short and clear. I wrote everything down and often paused the lessons to note things down.

    And Ahamkara just has a lot of knowledge and uses this no-nonsense, without the tralala around it. I love it!

    All in all.

  • When I started the course I didn´t know anything about it other than I wanted to participate in it and that I wanted to have Ahamkara as my teacher. From the promotion of the course on Ahamkaras homepage, I was sure about this.

    The course has been like a big adventure, a travel into the inside of my body. It has been like a new discovery of my internal organs that have been there all my life, but I haven´t had hardly any contact and connection to. Now I have connection to my internal organs, and I can feel where they are and in what condition they are that very same day. In general, they have become incredible soft and relaxed and it´s a truly nice sensation to have a relaxed belly.

    The techniques have been easy to learn because of the great instructions and video content that Ahamkara has produced. Each Saturday we have had excellent summaries of the past weeks’ lectures on Zoom meetings and with possibility for asking questions. Ahamkara has answered the questions with his expertise and great knowledge.

    I am very grateful that I have had this opportunity to learn this amazing system to give my body opportunity for self-healing and relaxation.

    Thank you very much Ahamkara for sharing this wisdom!
  • Nice to pay attention to my stomach and spleen…in the beginning it felt very new…especially my spleen…now I built more connection. I feel I am letting in more and more the feeling of trust...it comes in waves...sometimes more doubts sometimes more trust. I remember as a child I was afraid of the waves in the sea and preferred to play on the sand…nowadays it feels more okay to feel the waves in life.
    Thank you Ahamkara…💕with this course I feel like I have a new job…to touch my inner life…to breath and to relax…’dear Spleen I respect you more…dear Stomach I love you more…no doubt about that’ ; ) 🌸🙌🏻🌸