How to Grow a Tree: A Guide to Planting and Caring for Your Own Sacred Grove

Sacred Groves are the natural dwelling places of the Spirits, and in olden times people used to conduct their rituals in them, which gave them the opportunity to communicate directly with each other. A Sacred Grove can be planted and dedicated to the Spirits of the area and the Deities that patronize the land.

Helping nature: taking care of the ecology, planting trees, feeding birds and cleansing the territory from physical and energetic debris is a truly spiritual endeavor that deserves all praise and reward. Which will certainly be, because, as we all know — as you treat the world, so it treats you!

You can choose any trees to plant a sacred grove. Take, for example, an oak tree. After all, the oak is an incredibly energetically strong tree, capable of charging its power all around; secondly, the oak is dedicated to the Spirits of Heaven and Earth, Protectors and Benefactors; thirdly, the oak lives from 300 to 800 years and the planted trees can be admired by distant descendants.

The location of the sacred grove is also important, but let the decision be made by those to whom the space will be dedicated. Think about your desire to plant an oak tree and the Spirits, having heard it, will tell you where and when to do it.

A sapling is needed to plant the future grove. You can buy it, but there is no guarantee that it will take root, so you can seed an acorn. In just 1 year, an acorn produces a miniature seedling that can be planted.

Growing a tree is not so difficult if you have a good acorn. Well, where to find it but in the forest under an oak tree. Acorns should be collected from September to early November (depending on the region). The best time to collect acorns is late September to early October. Prefer acorns that have recently fallen and are lying on the surface or have not fallen at all.
oak seeds on the ground

Choosing acorns

There are several characteristics that are used to choose acorns:
  • The acorn's cap should be easily removable;
  • The shell should not have holes, cracks, mold or worm spots;
  • Drop acorns in water and those that sink are good for germination.

Planting acorns into the ground

Plant acorns right into the ground, as naturally as possible, because this is how oak reproduction occurs in the forest. Some rules should be followed in order to succeed.

Oak prefers a sunny place, so it is better to plant the seed immediately in an open clearing. If you plant it in the shade of other trees, the seedling will quickly languish. Given that the mighty oak grows to an impressive size, it should be planted at a distance of at least 6 meters from a building and other trees.

The soil for growing a tree needs to be fertile and loose. It is recommended to take a couple of buckets of soil from the forest where the mother tree grew and add it to the planting hole. In the future, this will favorably affect the growth of the seedling. If the soil on the homestead plot is depleted, then the ridge on which the acorn will be planted should be re-digged, adding leafy earth or humus.

What to do next, how to plant an oak acorn? First wash it in warm water, such a procedure will help to get rid of pest larvae and fungal mold spores. Then in the prepared place make a hole and put the acorn in it horizontally, so as not to confuse the top and bottom. The depth of planting in the fall should be 5-6 cm, so that the seed does not freeze. After that, backfill the hole and water regularly until the frosts begin. It should be taken into account that this method of planting is simple, but not all acorns will be able to take root, so it is better to plant several specimens.
A man plants an oak sprout in the ground

Planting acorns in a container on the windowsill

If the planting of collected acorns is planned for spring, then they need to be put into a state of "hibernation". To do this, take a tightly closed container and fill it with dry sawdust, wood chips, shredded moss. In this peculiar substrate place acorns and put them in the refrigerator on the shelf, where the temperature is kept at 0 °C. In this state they will stay for 40-60 days until they germinate. All this time the substrate is carefully monitored, and if necessary sprayed and stirred, it should remain slightly moistened.

As soon as roots and sprouts begin to appear, the acorn can be planted in the ground. It is better to grow several specimens, just in case some of them die. How to plant an oak acorn in a container or pot? Fill the containers with a soil mixture intended for growing seedlings or ordinary garden soil. Next, plant the acorn with the roots down, planting depth - no more than 2 cm.

If the weather outside is already warm in spring, you can plant a germinated acorn with a well-developed root system directly into the open ground. In this case, dig the side with roots into loose, fertile soil and press it slightly into the ground.

After planting the seed in the container, pay special attention to watering. Soil should be moistened often, do not allow drying out. Grow the seedling on a windowsill facing south, but, protect it from direct sunlight at lunchtime. For a long time, all the forces of the plant will be directed to the formation and development of the root system, so the sprout will appear soon, after 1-2 months.

Planting the seedling in the ground

As soon as the seedling reaches a height of 12-15 cm, it can be planted in the place of its future life. Although it is possible to change the container to a larger container and keep the tree indoors until the next spring.

Planting in the open ground should be carried out in early spring, so the plant will acclimatize faster. The chosen place before planting, dig over, if necessary, add humus. Make the hole in such a way that it freely fit a lump of earth removed from the container with the seedling. If the soil is too dry, water it. The seedling should be in the ground at the same level as in the container. After planting, compact the soil and water the plant. Cover the peristem circle with sawdust, small chips, bark so that the ground does not dry out.

After transplanting, a young oak tree may drop its leaves in a short time. Don't worry, this is a normal reaction to the changed conditions and new leaves will soon appear on the branches.

Care of young oak trees

For the first 2 years, when the seedling is still young and has a weak root system, water it regularly, especially if the summer is hot and dry. In the absence of a circle of sawdust or small chips, occasionally loosen the soil and weed.

Starting in the second year, young oak trees are fertilized. The most effective way is the use of mineral pellets.

Every 2-3 years in early spring you can carry out pruning, removing broken and withered branches. Sometimes the top of a young seedling is pinched to stimulate the growth of lateral shoots, but it is worth considering that in this case the tree's growth in height slows down for some time.
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