Shamanism for Beginners

Welcome to the spirit world!

Learn the basics of shamanism in this free mini course

5 lessons.
Everyone is welcome.

Course program:

Day 1: The World of People and the World of Spirits. Communication with Spirits. Who is Spirits? What Spirit need from people?

Ritual: Contact with Power Animal.

Day 2: Shaman - who is this? The goals and objectives of the shaman.

Ritual: Communication with ancestors.

Day 3: Shamanic trance, types of trance, what happens to a person in a trance, what is trance for, how can trance be used? Exercises for entering trance.

Day 4: Shamanic worlds, four shamanic worlds, different vibrations of each world, a shamanic journey through the four worlds.

Day 5: Self-healing. Shamanic healing, how does it work, what happens at the moment of shamanic healing, how does one learn to feel your one body, how to heal it.

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