This is a very special totem and it has a lot of different qualities and powers. First of all, a snake is a predator, a very special predator that can kill with poison. There are not many animals that use poison; mostly, these are insects and snakes. Surely, snakes belong to the Erlik spirit and bear the energy of transformation.

A connection with a snake is always a transformation, sometimes a big transformation. We also believe that a snake challenges people. The biggest challenge is somehow related to this totem. Snakes relate to the lower parts of our bodies, I mean legs and the lower part of the belly. In many traditions, your sleeping energy, in India they call it "kundalini," has the form of a snake as well.

By sleeping in that area, you can awaken that energy, awaken that snake in your body. That energy is used in different ways, sometimes just heating up your body, sometimes for healing or intending to dream about the future, your plans, and projects. This is a very powerful energy; you can awaken this energy. But at the same time, because the snake also relates to our bodies, the bodies have a lazy nature.

Often, we are in some kind of struggle with our bodies because our spirit, our mind has one image about life. For example, some people say, "I want to lose weight," and a snake is connected to your instincts, your body, and some addictions, and the body says, "Oh, no, I want to be lazy, to be calm, eat this tasty food." So, we have a kind of conflict, and the idea is to learn your body, your instincts, your feelings because it's not only the negative part of it. It also helps you to survive, it helps to save your energy, your power. The snake stands for that. The snake is also strongly connected with the water element. I mean those waving moves, the ability to find the way from difficult situations in your life, this is also about a snake.

Try not to look at a snake as something negative; look at it as something that can help you to live better. Challenging is very important in our lives. Good energy can't exist without bad energy. This means there always must be some balance. A snake represents a certain energy that helps us to stay alive, to find balance in our lives, to find the way.

1. In the near future, like a snake, you will need to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to new situations. This will help you successfully overcome difficulties and achieve your goals.

2. Your patience and perseverance, like a snake, will bring you success and accomplishment of your tasks. However, remember that long-term results require time and determination.

3. Be cautious in your actions, as the snake symbolizes hidden energy and potential danger. Guard your words and actions to avoid negative consequences.

4. Become a guardian of your secrets, as the snake is also associated with wisdom and secret knowledge. Use your skills and experience to your advantage, but trust only selected individuals.

5. The upcoming period may be a time of change and transformation, like a snake moving from one habitat to a new one. Prepare for adaptation and changes to seize emerging opportunities.