Soul Loss and Retrieval in Shamanic Traditions.

Rediscovering the Essence of Life and Prosperity.

Any form of violence (sexual, physical or emotional) can lead to the loss of a part of the soul. This can happen as a result of various circumstances, such as accidents, participation in war, terrorist acts, natural disasters, operations, drug addiction, divorce or the death of a loved one – any event that causes shock.
Among the common signs of soul loss are dissociations, when a person experiences a sense of detachment from his body, from life and a lack of a sense of vitality. Chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress disorder, impaired immune function and unexplained feelings of sadness and longing can also be symptoms of soul loss. Also, addictions (to psychotropic substances, food, work, or spending large sums) are signs of soul loss, since they are attempts to fill an inner void.

When someone expresses that they have never been the same after a certain event in a negative manner, it suggests the occurrence of soul loss. Likewise, individuals who advocate for the destruction of other life forms for personal gain likely suffer from soul loss. Those who believe that material possessions like buying another car or acquiring material goods will bring happiness are also afflicted by soul loss.

It seems that we are witnessing a great loss of the planetary soul today.

Coma is another form of soul loss, wherein the majority of the soul exists outside the body. Working with individuals in comatose states is challenging for shamanic practitioners due to various reasons. The shaman must determine the soul's desired direction – whether it wants to return to the body or necessitates assistance in transitioning to the afterlife, leading to the patient's death.

Interestingly, in shamanic cultures where the concept of soul loss was widely understood, individuals who suffered injuries were given the opportunity to retrieve their lost soul within three days of the incident or negative experience. But we haven't practiced soul retrieval for a long time, so modern shamans return for 10, 20, 30 years or even more, in search of lost parts of the soul.

Shamanic cultures also recognized that an imbalanced life could result in illness or other problems.
It is my hope that you recognize the significance of retrieving your soul in your life, as well as the importance of helping others rediscover their own inspiration – for themselves, their loved ones, and our community. This is a crucial task for our current era.

Earth wants its children to be at home, and it wants them to be at home now.
This is time to go home again and take your rightful place on earth.
It’s your inalienable right to fully express your soul and create the world in which we want to live. And it’s your right to shine as brightly as the stars above you. It's time to share your light with the world again.

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