Spirit Helpers: The most faithful beings
Spirit helpers are obtained during a shamanic journey to gain additional knowledge. And the more difficult the journey, the greater will be the success of the venture. There comes a moment when the shaman feels the need to find a Spirit Helper.

Spirits are wonderful beings. Some of them - heal, others - protect the shaman. It is very important to know the names of the Spirits. These names should not be told to anyone, and should not be written down. When healing a client, with the participation of Spirits helpers, it is a pleasure to watch them work.
the shaman and the spirit helper
Spirits can protect the shaman from anyone and anywhere. Even if someone shouted at the shaman, or spoke ill of him (even not in his presence), the Spirits attack this person. Distance does not matter to them. The shaman needs to keep his emotions under control so that he does not inadvertently direct his Spirits against someone.

If the shaman behaves unworthily, carelessly, the Spirits turn away from him and stop helping him. To be rude, cruel, to do outright evil - all this is unworthy of the shaman. Shaman must logically justify to himself each of his actions, before it is done. Thus, he as if he consults with his Spirits. If the Spirits agree with the shaman, the success of the venture will be assured.

Healing without the Spirit is a very dangerous endeavor.
One has to undergo great stresses. These loads are not only mental, but also physical. This stage is necessary for every true shaman, otherwise he will not appreciate and will not know what is really the power of the Spirits. People, as well as spirits, live in the same world.
What do humans and spirits have in common?
Time, maybe? After all, we can communicate with each other, living in the same time. One characteristic feature that unites spirits is a clear position in the society of spirits. Man often changes under the pressure and influence of circumstances, but the spirit is constant. He is always the same and we, having befriended him, can rely on him more than on ourselves. Spirit by its very nature cannot be two-faced. He either is or he is not. And no amount of time will change its essence. Only changes in ourselves can either move certain spirits away from us or bring them closer to us.
How do Spirits communicate?
Surely their relationship began a long time ago, and there are no questions of confrontation for them. Each Spirit occupies a certain place because it is permanent. He is constant and self-sufficient, that is his strength. It does not need to follow a path, to develop, it is already perfect and cannot change. Man is a field of struggle for spirits. They are constantly trying to lure a man. Apparently, that's why man is like a weather vane in the wind. He is like a dry leaf on the road on which the spirits march.
Perhaps man is a newly born Spirit?
He may become as strong as any spirit, but there are several dozen spirits fighting in him all the time. Each one pulling him towards itself. If, in his short life, a man does not choose a direction for himself, he will die without becoming anything.

Each person can have different spirits as friends. But people do not choose these spirits - spirits choose people.
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