The Magic of crystals: Properties of various stones in the world of Spiritualism

Minerals and stones can seriously affect a person wearing them, helping with the right stone, and hindering - with the wrong one. There are sets of stones, which hide huge forces, used in magic for the benefit of a person (healing, luck), as well as for harm.
Beautiful jewelry trinkets can be both a guardian angel and a demon killer for their owner.
the mineral azurite

Useful properties of magic stones

White crystals.
White crystals promote a stronger connection with our spiritual guides, as well as calmness and clarity of mind.

White Opal.
Enhances imagination and promotes creativity and passion. It is believed to cure various infectious and cold illnesses, as well as regulate insulin levels in the blood. White opal is effective in nervous system disorders, relieves depression, improves memory, enhances feelings of loyalty, devotion, love and passion.

Snow Quartz.
Supports our desire from roles that do not suit us or are uncomfortable for us. Frees us from limitations. Helps us penetrate the depths of knowledge, promotes tactful social behavior.

Blue crystals.
Blue stones provide tranquility, harmony, mutual understanding, in addition, open the way to higher cognition. These crystals have great healing powers.

Protects, heals, improves mood. Repels negative energy, balances the masculine and feminine in a person. Helps to find a way out of a difficult situation. Used in the treatment of eye diseases.

Blue quartz.
Calms, pacifies, removes fear and excitement, develops communication skills.

Lapis Lazuli.
Gets rid of negative energy, improves clarity of thought, opens the way to the depths of knowledge, relieves stress, brings satisfaction. Provides harmony in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Relieves headaches, improves hearing, relieves depression, helps with respiratory diseases and injuries. Strengthens the immune system, eliminates insomnia, improves vision, relieves eye strain when working with computers.

Stone of inner peace, gives calmness, relaxes, helps to concentrate. Promotes clear working of the mind. Helps to recover from disappointments and troubles, to concentrate on achieving a certain goal. It is one of the stones that promote good luck, prosperity and success. Helps stop bleeding, treats varicose veins, menstrual disorders and various viral diseases.

It helps to concentrate. Calms, disposes to trusting relationships between people, helps to determine whether your interlocutor is sincere. Used in the treatment of diseases of the bones and joints, as well as diseases of the blood, lungs and digestive system. Normalizes blood sugar levels.

Pink crystals.
Pink crystals are stones of love, romance and friendship. They are great for making connections of all kinds (kinship, love and the like).

Rose Quartz.
This is the stone of love. Increases self-esteem, teaches you to love yourself and builds self-confidence. Opens the heart chakra allowing you to find your love. Calms heart palpitations and promotes self-affirmation. Heals burns and helps with circulatory disorders. Promotes fertility. Helps with childhood illnesses (measles, chicken pox). Heals shingles in adults.

Pink agate.
Supports warm relations between parents and children, promotes self-affirmation, develops courage and self-confidence. It is a stone of reliability, realizes the connection with nature.

Yellow crystals.
Yellow crystals have strong energy, promote an optimistic mood and inspire new accomplishments. They attract wealth, success. Encourage active actions. They are good to use to restore strength in difficult moments of life. They are stones of protection of physical and mental state.

Yellow jadeite.
Stimulating stone, awakens energy, brings joy, promotes harmony, helps to focus and when practicing meditation.

Yellow jasper.
Can be used as a talisman when traveling. Helps to adapt in a new environment. Strengthens the endocrine system, promotes self-affirmation.

Helps to establish a connection with spiritual guides. Increases self-confidence. Citrine is a stone with great energy, attracts money, success, luck, promotes prosperity. Develops intuition. Used in the treatment of mental illness. Stimulates business activity and helps to realize the planned. Promotes success in business.

Yellow topaz.
Relieves irritability, regulates mood, promotes a calm atmosphere in the house. Protects the house from burglars. Increases optimism, restores confidence.

Cat's Eye.
A stone that brings good luck. Promotes harmonious relationships, establishes a connection with nature. Has strong protective properties. Helps to achieve material prosperity. Effective in eye diseases and visual impairment. Relieves headaches.

Green crystals.
Green crystals establish strong, stable relationships in the family and between relatives. Increase fertility, promote fetal development. Stimulate creative and financial prosperity.

Improves memory, relieves stress, calms. Helps concentration. Treats lung, kidney, and blood disorders, and is also used for throat, liver, heart, stomach, spine, and concussion.

Promotes emotional and physical balance, attunes to good deeds, increases spiritual awareness and provides penetration into the depths of knowledge. Strengthens the heart chakra, promotes the manifestation of talent and abilities. Strengthens love relationships, provides peace and happiness in the house, fidelity in love. Used to treat diseases of the lungs, spine, heart. Eliminates toothache, migraine, menstrual pain.

Facilitates the release of accumulated energy, supports creative impulse, inspires hope, gives eloquence, calms. Helps treat gout, visual disturbances and brain diseases.

Establishes a calm, serene atmosphere in the home, relieves stress, promotes harmony in family relationships. It is a stone of longevity, protects vital energy, regulates the work of female sex hormones. It is used for infertility and menstrual irregularities.

A stone of vital energy and transformation. It breaks unwanted connections. Helps to get rid of bad habits, gives strength to start a new life, develops patience and diligence. Helps to improve mood, get rid of the consequences of negative experiences of the past. Used to treat asthma, fractures, tumors.

Green agate.
Strengthens individual defense (immunity), increases self-esteem, expels negative energy, helps to get rid of bad habits (smoking), gives determination, develops initiative, helps to resolve disputes.

Green Aventurine.
Creates a joyful, happy, optimistic mood, an atmosphere of success, sets up for good luck. Supports vigor and clarity of mind, promotes sociability. Mood for creation.

Protects against negative energy. Regulates energy. Promotes inspiration, supports creativity, helps to get rid of remorse, attracts money and wealth, protects. Used in the treatment of weakened immunity, nervous system, eye and heart diseases.
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