The Power of the Sun: Why Waking Up Before Sunrise Can Transform Your Life

Everything that happens within a day is somehow connected to the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon. With their energies. Each planet has its own character, and it is important to know how to build the right relationship with them.

Our ancestors knew that it is necessary to live according to the Sun, as it is the main power in this world that gives life to everything living. What does this mean? This means that getting up and going to bed, eating and working, as well as other actions need to be done at the appropriate time.
sunrise over the city
Why is it so important to wake up before sunrise? Because during this time, the energy of goodness and virtue descends upon the Earth. Nature is calm and peaceful. This time before sunrise is the most favorable for prayers and meditations, for working on oneself. During this time, you need to tune in to the current day, work with your thoughts, set intentions. And this mood carries you through the whole day. How you start the day is how it will go.

The pre-dawn time is very favorable for spiritual practice. You can dedicate 20-30 minutes or more to it. If you do not follow any spiritual tradition, you can simply greet the whole world, wish everyone goodness, well-being, love. Read some philosophical text. Pronounce intentions, affirmations. Work with thoughts. Analyze life situations.
This time promotes the growth of happiness and joy in life. It is the most auspicious and important time of the day. And during this time, we usually sleep because we watched another action movie at night or worked on the computer.

Spiritual practice can smoothly transition into physical exercise. It is especially good to practice yoga in the morning. In general, any psychoenergetic practices, stretching, running, and other exercises would be suitable.
If you feel in good spirits, finish your workout. Exercises in the morning are not just for the body but for your mood as well.

It is also very important to greet the Sun. Our ancestors treated the Sun as a living being, as a God. And when it rose above the horizon, they would raise their hands up and say a prayer.

Every living being has its own character. The Sun also has its own character. It not only provides light, warmth, and life to everything on Earth, but it also emits energies that are not visible to the naked eye. For example, the energy of joy and happiness. The Sun also bestows bravery, courage, and compassion upon humans.
We react to the Sun, the Moon, and other planets, even if we cannot see them. Surely you must have noticed how the world greets the Sun in life. Just before sunrise, the world suddenly freezes for a moment, and then suddenly comes alive, nature awakens. Birds begin to sing their hymns, flowers bloom. Everything alive reaches out to the Sun. It feels where the energy of life and happiness comes from and strives towards it.

The Sun also emits the energy of fire and the energy of action, optimism. The desire to act is the desire to live in this world. Therefore, if we wake up after sunrise, this energy begins to destroy our bodies.

The Sun lives, shines for us, regardless of who we are and what kind of life we live. It gives each person exactly as much as he can perceive. The Sun gives us its energy without asking for anything in return. Likewise, a person should be like the Sun and strive to give people joy and happiness, radiating light. And for that, one must constantly work on oneself. Cleanse the mind of destructive thoughts. It is only when a person has such a strong desire that he begins to wake up early, even without an alarm clock. He tunes in to the Sun, to its Power. Gradually, love returns to his heart, the mind becomes clear, and the spirit becomes bright.
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