The Transformative Role of Shamans: Exploring the Shamanic State of Consciousness and Spiritual Connections

A shaman is often called a "seer", a "knower", since he is part of a cognitive system that is based on direct experience. It is the figure of the shaman who is able to demonstrate the transformation of self-consciousness, as he acts in the modern world as a social figure as an intermediary between the social world of our reality and the world of spirits.
But, surprisingly, a shaman in a globalizing world can act in two roles: as an outcast, whom everyone is afraid of, and as a savior who takes on the task of adapting people to the world around him. Having rebuilt his self-consciousness, the shaman receives special abilities, therefore, the opportunity to become "himself".

A shaman is a figure who can go back to the beginning of time, find the impossible and the unknown. The shaman by his actions shows the opposition to society and nature, which means that we can talk about the complexity, versatility and inconsistency of the development of the human spirit, as evidenced by the construction of individual self-consciousness.

Shamans practice their activities in a certain state of consciousness, the so-called trance, the "shamanic state of consciousness". This is necessary for contact with the "other reality". Entering an altered state of consciousness, shamans contact spirit helpers and spirit teachers to determine the help to a person.

Shamans are considered natural healers, with the task of helping those who need help from physical or moral suffering. To achieve help, the shaman turns to the spirits.

A shaman's spirit can be a teacher (a spirit with a human image). If a shaman sees this spirit, he takes a very strong experience that can change a lot. Power is regarded as an equivalent concept of the soul with which they are born. It is necessary for life. Part of the force has the form of a soul, which can be understood as vital energy.

The shaman knows that everything that exists has a soul and is alive, therefore, by changing the state of his consciousness, he is able to come into contact with spirits, soul, with power. Through this communication the shaman learns and receives help from the spirits.

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