Why should you know your totem?
What is a totem animal?

Everything around us is energy. It envelops the objects around us, gives them power or takes it away. For thousands of years people have been creating egregors of totem animals. This is also energy, which has the characteristics of different animals, birds, insects.
So, the totem or totem animal is a guardian animal, a personal spirit, a guide, which unites with the energy of man, endows him with the qualities that he has himself, allowing to gain protection and power.
the bear and the crow in front of the moon

What does a totem animal gives a person?

✅It helps to know oneself better, to accept and love even more.
For example, all his life a man has worried that he loves loneliness. And it turns out that his totem animal is the Wolf and this is not a flaw, but a natural design.

✅Gives energy.
A man begins to personify himself with the animal, which gives him the power to overcome obstacles, to find a way out.

All totems protect us and our space. Absorb negative energy, strengthen intuition, "prompt" further actions.

✅Unlocks potential.
Helps a person to develop, to reveal their strength and talents, to fulfill their destiny.

✅Unites people.
People with the same or similar totem animals have a higher level of mutual understanding. So, by totem you can look at compatibility.
For example: snake and mouse will be uncomfortable together. But a horse and a dog will get along well.

✅ Reinforces magical rituals.
Totem animal helps in any rituals and rites, breathing in them additional energy at the animal level.

How many totems can a person have?

The number of totems varies from person to person.
There are two main kinds that everyone has from birth:

Is part of the character. It is an animal whose spirit was invited to participate at a person's birth.
Its habits imprint on the character and even appearance of the host.
Have you noticed that some people are especially like some birds, or animals?
For example, a person may have a big nose and huge ears, and as a result it may turn out that his personal totem - Elephant ...
That's how a totem can manifest. This is a positive factor, it means that a person is under special protection.
The purpose of a personal totem is to protect a person, help him develop strong qualities, talents and fulfill his destiny.

At the creation of the family also participated in the spirit of a certain animal, which is the ancestral totem.
This is the animal, which in one way or another will be manifested in all relatives.
For example, through character traits, or it can be embedded in the family name, or associated with some significant events in the family.
The purpose of the ancestral totem is to protect the family and remind them of the tasks that face them.

The other totems are helpers that appear over time.
An adult may have several totem guardians.
The number does not increase with age by itself, it happens if a person grows spiritually and follows the path of his destiny.
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