Manifesting a Fulfilling Future: How to Change Your Genetic Code and Rewrite Your Destiny

Not everything in this life is predetermined, there is something that depends on us. To understand this, we need to understand the concepts of “destiny” and “karma”. They are often used as synonyms, but there is a significant difference between them.

Karma is a path determined by your family, genes, personal history and psychological traumas. Shamanism distinguishes between two kinds of illness: those sent by Spirit and those that come from humans. Even if they have the same symptoms, in the first case, a healer will only be able to lessen its course, but nothing more.
In other words, karma can be described as a predetermined and, as it may seem, inevitable series of events. They seem to be inevitable, haunting us time after time. So, for example, a man leaves his wife, with whom he lived unhappily, marries again, but the new relationship also does not work out. In addition, karma can even bring death.

Destiny is the goal or purpose in life. Therefore, it is possible to find or realize destiny. The ancients believed that karma is like threads that are spun by the Goddesses of Fate, and the position of these threads in the canvas of events is unchangeable. But, at the same time, they knew the power of destiny to change the process of creating the web of events. I believe that destiny can be formed without divine intervention, but it will require you to realize your past wounds and turn to the call that is given from birth. Then you can control the course of your life.
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How can we recognize and heal past emotional wounds?

Shamans at all times have had ways of doing this. One shamanic method that has become widely known is revisiting past events. It helps to strip memories of their emotional charge and forgive oneself and others. Another way is to gather personal power that is stuck in time. Everyone is given the power to live a fulfilling life. When we have a negative experience or give too much power to some phenomenon, we lose our personal power. By gathering it, we can regain it for ourselves.

Destiny gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from evil fate, to overcome it, to get rid of negative genetic and emotional programming. Learning to control our destiny frees us from the legacy left by breast cancer or heart disease, for example, and solves the emotional problem that made us choose the wrong wives or the wrong husbands time after time. The ability to command destiny allows you to consciously manage your life, personal growth and development, rather than just floating passively on the stream.

Shamans have their own understanding of evolution, different from what biologists offer us. The latter believe that evolution is a generational process, meaning that our descendants will be healthier and smarter than we are. Scientists believe that evolutionary changes do not occur within a generation. According to science, our genes are unable to change, and we are doomed to inherit certain qualities and properties of past generations.

Then it turns out that if a person's family has a genetic predisposition to a disease, his children will not be able to avoid this disease. This means that the predisposition, for example, to breast cancer, received by a son from his mother, is just waiting to manifest itself, and the predisposition to heart disease inherited from his father will sooner or later lead to a heart attack. However, shamans know that evolution occurs within the boundaries of one generation, so they believe that it is possible to reprogram the DNA chains and change one's genetic code.

I know that we are able to change our destiny, and then our children will inherit the properties that we managed to fix, while changing our genetic code during one lifetime.

How can we change our destiny?

There are ancient shamanic practices of journeying to heal the soul. With their help it is possible to heal wounds and get rid of the burden of the past, to get abilities that will help to fulfill the destiny and not to be a puppet of evil fate. These practices will help to choose a future in which life will be fuller and healthier, without suffering from hereditary diseases and unhealed soul wounds received in childhood. The practice of spirit journeying will help to overcome the weight of the past, accumulated in this and many other previous lives; to get the version in which we know why we were born and how to fulfill our destiny.

Shamanic practices are a gift from the Higher Powers to mankind. There is an old saying that life has no drafts, and you can not redo what has already been accomplished. But haven't you ever had a desire to go back to the past to finish what has not been said, to correct what has not been done and to get back what has been missed? There is a way to do it. You can discard what you habitually think you are, including your mental wounds, hereditary diseases and painful events of the past. This will help you choose your destiny. To make it as happy and favorable as possible. And it is possible! Everyone has the freedom of choice.
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