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Siberian shaman

I am living in Siberia, and my goal is to bring healing to the people
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    about ahamkara

    My name is Ahamkara, and I'm an Altai shaman and the creator of the shamanism school. With more than two decades of experience under my belt, I have dedicated my life to the practice of shamanism. My knowledge has been passed down to me directly from the indigenous people of Siberia, who are renowned for their ancestral connection to this ancient art.

    Currently residing in Russia, I'm accompanied by my beloved family, including my wife and two children. When summer comes, I find solace in Zhivo, a healing center located in the heart of the Siberian forest. Here I share my teachings and administer healing practices. Throughout the winter season, I embark on travels across Europe, where I offer educational seminars and workshops.

    For the past sixteen years, I have devised a multitude of educational programs catering to both individuals and groups. The purpose behind all of my classes is to promote personal growth, enhance overall well-being, and guide individuals towards discovering their own unique path in life. To date, my shamanism school has successfully enlightened and educated over six hundred participants.

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